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The 99SV is the standard issue semi-automatic sniper rifle of TR Infiltrators. An accurized variant of the DMR-99, the 99SV allows the shooter to hit multiple follow-up shots at long range.
Cert Cost: Default Icon resource certpoints 25x25
DC Cost: Default Icon Daybreak Cash
General Info
Empire: Icon TR
Can Use: Icon Infiltrator
Weapon Type: Sniper Rifles
Fire Rate: 231 RPM
Muzzle Velocity: 550m/s
Effective Range: Very Long
Fire Modes: Semi-Automatic
Headshot Multiplier: 2x
ADS Move Speed Multiplier: 0.5x
Max Damage: 400 before 50m
Min Damage: 334 after 150m
Reload Speed
Short Reload: 2.125s
Long Reload: 2.975s
Magazine Size: 10
Ammunition Pool: 70
Hip Aim
Crouch Still: 5.5 0
Move: 6 0.2
Stand Still: 6 0
Move: 6.5 0.55
Bloom per Shot: 0.8 0.15
Vertical: 1.2
Horizontal, Min/Max: 0.1/0.2
Horizontal Tolerance: 0.2
Angle Min/Max: 6°/15°
Recoil Decrease: 6
First Shot Recoil Multiplier: 1x
Data Sources
Census API source: 99SV API Data?

The 99SV is the standard issue semi-automatic sniper rifle of Terran Republic Infiltrators.

This weapon can kill targets in three body shots or two head shots. It comes stock with an attachment that removes the scope sway and it is not recommended to remove it as the other options are less than ideal for a sniper rifle. This attachment has made the 99SV and Semi Auto Sniper Rifles in general more competitive but if you want to save up for a proper bolt action rifle then the M77-B or TSAR-42 are your best bets.

Strategy and TipsEdit

  • Using this weapon requires a great change in playstyle in order to make it effective.
  • You cannot kill in one shot so accurate follow up shots are a must. Can technically kill faster than a bolt action rifle if said rifle did not score a one shot headshot kill.
  • Double headshots are viable, but are difficult to pull off.  Unless you are dealing with a shielded heavy assault, aim for one headshot and a single body shot instead.
  • Fire 2-5 rounds at a time before repositioning or cloaking. DO NOT OVERREACH THIS LIMIT. You are already exposing yourself for too long after a 5th shot, it is not worth the kill.
  • Flanking enemies with this weapon is surprisingly devastating- the fast fire rate along with a fast reloading magazine will allow you to kill several adversaries in rapid succession.
  • Compared to bolt actions, the 99SV has greater potential against multiple targets.
  • The unscoped equivalent is the KSR-35, which has a slower muzzle velocity in comparison.


Available attachments
SO7 (7x) The long-range Sniper Optics 7 scope uses standard mil-dot sighting and 7x magnification to allow for mid and long range shots.
SO7 (TR 7X)
5Icon resource certpoints 25x25 10Icon Daybreak Cash
OPS (8x) The 8x magnification Optical Precision Scope was created for long-distance shots while retaining a respectable field of view for closer targets.
5Icon resource certpoints 25x25 10Icon Daybreak Cash
APS (10x) The TR's Advanced Precision Scope 10x is responsible for record-setting long distance kills on Auraxis. It comes equipped with a standard mil-dot reticle.
APS (TR 10x)
30Icon resource certpoints 25x25 50Icon Daybreak Cash
LRO (12x) Private contractors designed the Long Range Optics 12x to meet the needs of the TR's finest snipers; It features standard mil-dot sighting.
LRO (TR 12X)
30Icon resource certpoints 25x25 50Icon Daybreak Cash
Barrel Attachments
Suppressor The weapon's muzzle flash and noise generation is reduced, and the player no longer appears on the minimap when firing. In exchange, the weapon's damage falls off 20 meters sooner, and bullet velocity is reduced by 15%.
Suppressor (TR)
100Icon resource certpoints 25x25 75Icon Daybreak Cash
Rail Attachments
Darklight Flashlight The rail mounted Darklight Flashlight can illuminate hostile cloaked infiltrators and dark areas but the light can give away your position.
100Icon resource certpoints 25x25 75Icon Daybreak Cash
Ballistics Computer An advanced on-board computer compensates for the minor movements while aiming down sights, effectively eliminating scope sway for the marksman.
Ballistics Computer
Forward Grip A forward grip increases control of the weapon, reducing horizontal recoil by 25%.
Forward Grip (TR)
100Icon resource certpoints 25x25 75Icon Daybreak Cash
No Ammo available.

Ribbons and MedalsEdit

It is possible to get both Ribbons and Medals for using the 99SV. Each Ribbon is a standard reward for achieving a set amount of kills with the 99SV. Medals relate to how many overall kills you have with the 99SV.


Ribbon Icon Requirements
99SV Service Ribbon
Sniper Rifle Ribbon
10 kills.

See more available ribbons on the Service Ribbons page.


Medal Icon Requirements Certification Rewards
No Medal
Medal Empty
0 kill No Reward
Copper Medal
Medal Copper
10 kills 2 Icon resource certpoints 25x25
Silver Medal
Medal Silver
60 kills 10 Icon resource certpoints 25x25
Gold Medal
Medal Gold
160 kills 20 Icon resource certpoints 25x25
Auraxium Medal
Medal Araxium
1160 kills 200 Icon resource certpoints 25x25

History Edit

  • November 18, 2016 Hotfix
    • Recoil recovery delay[1] from 0ms to -130ms
  • June 12, 2018 Update
    • Maximum ADS cone of fire while standing or crouching from 2 to 0.15
    • ADS Cone of Fire recovery rate while standing or crouching from 20 to 100
    • ADS cone of fire bloom from 0.8 to 0.15
    • Maximum damage range from 10m to 50m
    • Minimum damage range from 80m to 150m


References Edit