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Adaptive Class Underbarrel
Adaptive Class Underbarrel.png
The ACU syncs the underbarrel to the class equipping the weapon. This attachment can be active alongside other attachment types.
Infiltrator: EMP - Destroys deployables and scrambles HUD.
Light Assault: Impulse - Knocks back enemies and the wielder.
Medic: Cleanse - Heals and clears some status effects.
Engineer: Enhancement - Repairs and increases the maximum health of mechanical targets.
Heavy Assault: Havoc - Prevents mechanical targets from being repaired.

Cert Cost: 100 Certification Points
DC Cost: 49 Daybreak Cash
General Info
Empire: Icon NS.png
Can Use: Icon Infiltrator.pngIcon Light Assault.pngIcon Combat Medic.pngIcon Engineer.pngIcon Heavy Assault.png
Weapon Type: Attachment
Fire Rate: 20 RPM
Fire Modes: Single Shot
Reload Speed
Reload Speed: 2.5s
Magazine Size: 1
Ammunition Pool: 1
Crouch Still: 1
Move: 2.5
Stand Still: 1.5
Move: 2
Bloom per Shot: 0
Sprint: 7
Jump/Airborne: 7
Data Sources
Census API source: Adaptive Class Underbarrel API Data,
Fire Mode API Data?

The Adaptive Class Underbarrel is a rail attachment available to the NS-66 Punisher. It is unlocked through purchase with Certification Points or Daybreak Cash.

When attached, the Adaptive Class Underbarrel modifies the Punisher's in-built Underbarrel Grenade Launcher, causing it to fire non-lethal grenades which apply a variety of buffs or debuffs, dependent on the class of the user.

Uniquely, this attachment is not exclusive, and does not prevent another attachment being used in the same slot simultaneously, allowing the NS-66 Punisher to use the Adaptive Class Underbarrel alongside a Laser Sight, Extended Magazine, or Darklight Flashlight, despite those attachments sharing the same slot as the underbarrel.

To use an underbarrel attachment, press the weapon's Gear Slot hotkey (Gear Slot 1 (1 by default) if primary, ASP Token Gear Slot 2 (2 by default) if secondary) whilst the parent weapon is held in hand.

Class-Specific Effects[edit | edit source]

As implied in the name, the attachment adapts the grenades it fires to the class of the user., generally being themed around a tool or purpose the class already has.

Infiltrator[edit | edit source]

When used on the Infiltrator, the Adaptive Class Underbarrel fires EMP grenades. These grenades will, upon impact with any surface, emit a pulse that destroys or disables any deployables in a short range, additionally briefly scrambling the HUD of any infantry hit.

Unlike the similar EMP Grenade found in the grenade slot, this variant of the grenade does not deal any shield damage to infantry, and the pulse radius is far smaller. The HUD scrambling effect as well as the disable duration on certain deployables is also far shorter.

Light Assault[edit | edit source]

When used on the Light Assault, the Adaptive Class Underbarrel fires Impulse grenades. These grenades will, upon impact with any surface, emit a shockwave pushing any enemies in range directly away from the center of the explosion. This effect can also be applied at full potency to the user if they are in range, and these grenades will have zero effect on any allies within the radius.

The knockback effect will have more or less potency based on the victim's current stance. Infantry standing still will suffer only a minor knockback, whereas players running and/or jumping will find themselves thrown far further than usual. If the player has a large amount of momentum from an external source, such as from gravity or Ambusher Jump Jets, the Impulse grenade can amplify their speed to a much higher degree, and Drifter Jump Jets are easily capable of maintaining any momentum granted by the effect.

Combat Medic[edit | edit source]

When used on the Combat Medic, the Adaptive Class Underbarrel fires Cleanse grenades. These grenades will, upon impact with any surface, immediately cleanse all allies within range of any effects that inhibit vision, such as that from a Flash Grenade, and any that inhibit movement, like that from a Concussion Grenade. All allies hit by the grenade, regardless of whether or not a debuff was cleansed, will also be healed for a 300 health over 3 seconds.

The cleansing effect will only remove current debuffs. It does not prevent those same debuffs from being immediately reapplied.

Engineer[edit | edit source]

When used on the Engineer, the Adaptive Class Underbarrel fires Enhancement grenades. These grenades will, upon impact with any surface, temporarily increase maximum health of any allied vehicles or MAXes within range by 500, temporarily increase the unit's current health by up to 500 based on how much health they had before the enhancement was applied, and repair the unit for 240 health over 5 seconds.

Once the effect ends, only the 240 health repaired over time is kept. The unit immediately loses the extra maximum health as well as any health they were granted thanks to that increase.

If the target is afflicted by a Havoc debuff, such as that from the Heavy Assault's variant of the Adaptive Class Underbarrel, they will not receive the repair-over-time effect, however they will have their maximum and current health increased.

This effect does not work on Generators.

Heavy Assault[edit | edit source]

When used on the Heavy Assault, the Adaptive Class Underbarrel fires Havoc grenades. These grenades will, upon impact with any surface, detonate to afflict any enemy vehicles or MAXes within range with the Havoc debuff, preventing them from receiving any repair effects for 5 seconds.

This debuff applies to all healing effects, whether from the Fire Suppression or Emergency Repair abilities, the Nano-Armor Kit tool, the Salvage implant, or any other potential source of repair.

This effect works on Generators.

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