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Amerish is the third continent added to the world of Auraxis. It consists of plains, sporadic mountainous terrain, and lush flora, reminiscent of the American Midwest. The continent was launched on the November 4th, 2012, during the PlanetSide 2 closed beta.

The announcement message via e-mail, from the PlanetSide 2 team:

"Fed up with the chilly weather on Esamir or too parched from the sandstorms on Indar? Request deployment to Amerish! This recently discovered continent is filled with lush vegetation and beautiful landscapes. It may be pretty but stop your gawking. That rolling meadow is full of Lightning tanks and these majestic mountain ranges are full of Infiltrators waiting for you to poke your pretty little head up. Check your ammo and tighten up your gear. You are going to have to dig in to take this one."

Amerish is a continent featuring lush vegetation and beautiful landscapes.  Its rolling green fields and forests are routinely broken up by tall jagged rock outcroppings.  Infantry, vehicles and aircraft all do fairly well here, though uneven terrain may force ground troops to take roundabout paths to their objectives.

The continent consists of 27 small outposts. There are nine facilities that consist of Amp Stations, Bio Labs, and Tech Plants.

Capturing Amerish will allows base generators to regenerate 5 health per second when destroyed on all continents for the faction that holds it, until it is claimed by another faction.


Places of InterestEdit

The Ascent / Raven LandingEdit

Hidden in the mountains in the center of Amerish, having great air defense is a must. But be aware of the situation, since you can drop pod into there as well.

Splitpeak PassEdit

A large outpost, this base can be easily mistaken for a main facility since it is a highly defensible base.  Hidden in a mountain with air capabilities, two vehicle gates protecting each entrance point, with four turret towers, and two bridges. This is a heavily fortified base.

Auraxis Firearms Corp.Edit

A rather large hex region on Amerish, this base connects to eight hex regions.  The base favors the southern warpgate owners with a means of quickly expanding out and claiming Amerish for themselves.

List of Amerish FacilitiesEdit

Small OutpostsEdit

Large OutpostsEdit

Amp StationsEdit

Bio LabsEdit

Tech PlantsEdit



Prior to Game Update 11 the game required any single faction to capture every territory on a continent in order to receive its continental bonus. As of Game Update 11, capturing a continent now requires 75% of the continent to be captured. This was done to make it easier to capture continents with the new Lattice system during prime time. However, if any faction owns a continent, they can also lose control of the continent at 15% territory control instead of having every base stripped from them. This also makes it easier to neutralize a continent during prime time.

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