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Icon Large OutpostArroyo Torre Station
Arroyo Torre Station
Location: Indar
Facility Type: Large Outpost
Capture Time: 7 Minutes
Capture Points: Icon AIcon BIcon C
Teleporters: 3 Icon Teleporter
Resupply: Icon Vehicle ResupplyIcon Aircraft Resupply
Terminals: Icon Infantry TerminalIcon Vehicle TerminalIcon Aircraft Terminal
Turrets: Icon Spear Anti-Vehicle Phalanx TurretIcon Aspis Anti-Aircraft Phalanx Turret

The Arroyo Torre Station is a Large Outpost on Indar, located to the west of the Indar Eastern Warpgate.

This large outpost features three control points, and requires a seven minutes to capture. Its narrowness, lack of cover, and proximity to the warpgate make it somewhat difficult to hold for any attacking faction.

In addition, this is a great base for defense because of the natural terrain, and base structure. Not only because the terrain funnels armored columns, but a tower is a great defense point. And a large majority of the armor coming towards it from Tawrich Tech Plant on a lower elevation than the bridge, allows defenders to get across to points B and C for some good cover.

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Arroyo Torre Station has three control points. Point A is housed within a building next to the tower, while points B and C are across the bridge to the north.

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