Bastion Fleet Carrier
Type: Flagship
Empire: Icon NS
Health: 100,000
For Armor and Damage resistance details see this article.
Decay: 60 Minutes
Primary Weapons: Bastion CDWS x1
Secondary Weapons: Bastion CIWS x4
Tertiary Weapons: Bastion Battery x4

The Bastion Fleet Carrier is a massive air vehicle produced by Nanite Systems, available to all factions. It is the flagship for an outfit. Only one Bastion can be pulled per faction per continent. It must be crafted by an outfit, using the appropriate outfit resources.

The Bastion has 48 seats total, 9 of which are gunner seats, equipped with 1 Bastion CDWS, 4 Bastion CIWS and 4 Bastion Battery turrets.

Bastion Fleet Carrier Diagram

Overview Edit

An Empire's might and determination, symbolized in metal and voiced through cannon fire. The Bastion Fleet Carrier descends from orbit, ready to wage war across the battlefields of Auraxis.

  • With enough resources and time, any Outfit can now craft and call planetside this massive warship.
  • This fleet carrier comes equipped with shipboard turrets, command-based artillery systems, an interceptor launch platform, and can act as a spawn point for your entire Outfit.
  • A singular Captain commands this warship over the continent, maneuvering to protect its weakpoints and project its power.
  • Bastions require significant Outfit coordination and investment to call in, and each Empire can only field one at any given time.
  • Additionally, Bastions contribute to Empire Strength while deployed over contested territory.

Calling your Bastion Edit

  • Outfits must craft 4 War Assets pieces of the Bastion in the Outfit Armory, before being able to craft it:
    • Bastion: Rearm and Refuel
    • Bastion: Support Systems
    • Bastion: Hull Reconstruction
    • Bastion: Response Vehicles
  • When Bastion was crafted and all other conditions was met, authorized Outfit members will be able to use the Bastion Uplink Terminal located at every Warpgate to call down their Bastion.
Bastion Uplink Terminal Promo

Manning your Stations Edit

  • Using the F1 - F10 keys, you can select your seating on the Bastion.
    • The first seat is the Captain's.
    • Seat number 2 for top deck Bastion CDWS turrets.
    • Seats number 3 and 4 for top deck Bastion CIWS turrets and 5-6 for the overlooking down turrets.
    • Seats number 7, 8, 9 and 10 for the Bastion Battery turrets.
    • Additional seats are for passengers. Bastions can hold a total of 48 players at any time.
  • The Captain uses waypoints on the map (or mini-map) to move the Bastion around the map, and order its artillery barrage. Captain must maintain this seat in order to continue issuing commands.
  • There are two types of mannable turrets aboard the Bastion currently. One is an anti-air/multi-purpose gatling, and the second is an air to ground cannon.
  • Any player who ejects from the Bastion will be mounted in an Interceptor class fighter with a unique loadout and built-in ejection seat.

Taking it Down Edit

Each Bastion has eight weakpoints located around the ship. Any anti-vehicle weaponry can damage these weak points. Weak points cannot be repaired, but do have a regenerating shield layer that comprises a quarter of their total health pool. When all weakpoints are destroyed, the Bastion will self destruct, shortly after an abandon ship announcement is made to the crew.

Bastion Weak Spots
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