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This page aims to be an archive of the most reasonable community suggestions for the Galaxy. The proposed weaknesses are just that. Not all of them are to be picked.

Artist's Concept

Galaxy Cargo Transport[]

Galaxy Aerial Support suggestions introduce non-fire support services to the Galaxy for supporting friendly Air or Ground units.

Ammo Supply Crates[1][]

Proposed Functionality
  • Drops large crates of ammo and medical applicators from the Galaxy.
  • Crates resupply Primary and Secondary ammo only for infantry (no rockets or nades)
  • Crate provides a Triage tier AOE heal.
  • Crate can be used as improvised cover or to help infantry by giving them stable support at an objective
  • Possibly having a vehicle varient
Proposed Weaknesses
  • Only 1 per region
  • Requisitioned by squad leaders
  • Gives a fair bit of EXP if an enemy destroys it
  • Lasts 5 minutes or until the squad leader deconstructs it
  • Cooldown on requisition much like the spawn beacon
  • Should cost the Squad Leader resources. Gal pilot doesn't use resources and just provides transportation.

"Deployable Spawn System" Galaxy Upgrade[]

Proposed Functionality

  • Deployable spawn point
  • Provide more attacking stratigies

Galaxy Gunship[]

The Galaxy Gunship archetype will put emphasis on providing fire-support for friendly ground or air units. This isn't meant to out gun the Liberator, but is a
meeting point between a Gunship and a Dropship. It can carry a reasonable amount of soldiers and provide them with extended close air support.

Sunderer to Galaxy Arsenal Expansion[2][]

As it currently is, the Galaxy only has 3 weapons availible over 4 positions, whereas the Sunderer has 6 over 2 slots. Allowing the Galaxy to mount air specific variants of all common pool secondary turrets may improve versatility of the Galaxy. These could simply expand the arsenal of the Galaxy or require some sort of repercussion to taking them (i.e: Spare Transportation Seats Removed or Reduced Manueverability)
  • M40 Anger/M40-A Fury: Air vehicle variant of the M40 Fury. Increased velocity speed and decreased drop. (Tertiary/Quartiary)
  • A40 Ranger: Air Vehicle variant of the G30 Ranger (Primary/Secondary) with increased damage and cone of fire.
  • M12-A Kobalt/A12 Kobalt: Air variant of the M12 Kobalt. Greatly reduced damage fall off range.(Tertiary/Quartiary)

Empire Specific Gunship Arsenal[]

Allow the Galaxy to mount its Empire Specific AI Turrets. These could be mounted either in all slots, in primary/secondary or in teriary/quartiary.

Gunship Chassis/Frame[3][]

This performance modifier could change the location of the turrets on the galaxy, giving some turrets overlapping fields of fire. Additionally, with the above changes, allow the galay to mount ES AV turrets

Galaxy Dropship[]

Artist's Rendering

The Galaxy Dropship archetype excels in dropping friendlies where they need to be. Equipment that provides temporary defensive or offensive bonuses or aids in the Galaxy's ability to act as a dropship belong under this section.

Being able to open a rear cargo door, having internal rumble-seats, or having drop doors in the floor of the ship are only some of the many ideas.

Vehicle Transportion[4][]

Proposed Functionality
Proposed Weaknesses
  • When the Galaxy goes critical, the magnetic lock is detached and the vehicle will fall or the vehicle will blow up with the Galaxy
  • Vehicles cannot be fired while transported

GAL-LOP (Galaxy Assaulting Land - Light Organized Personnel) Certification[5]:[]

Proposed Functionality
  • Allows the player, when currently in either the passenger, or gunner seat (pilot seat excluded) of any Galaxy, to 'hot drop' from the Galaxy in similar fashion to 'instant action' drop pod'ing
  • Increased cert'ing into such "GALLOP" Certification decreases it's [merely proposed for ex.] 8 minute acquisition timer until the next available use
  • Player guided drop pod can greatly damage, or even destroy, air and / or ground vehicles / targets [if such are] in it's path while 'hot dropping' on the way down.
  • Having such acronym (for such proposed ability to be included in full game) shortens commands and the time it takes to give them, for the leader role'ed playerbase: Ex. "Everyone load up in Gal's and hot drop to..." is now shortened and fully understood with just "Gallop to..."
Proposed Weaknesses
  • After each use, there is an [tbd by devs, but for ex.] 8 minute cool down timer, until drop pod functionality becomes available again.
  • Drop pod functionality [if available / not under cool down acquisition] is disabled until the Galaxy itself is at or above a certain elevation [tbd by devs]
  • Drop pod acts similarly [if not in the same way] to the 'instant action' drop pod, in that it can be guided, or steered, but not switfly
Videos showing visual possible examples of how such "GALLOP" Drop would look in-game:

Galaxy Logistics Vehicle[]

The Logistics archetype for the Galaxy will specialize in information gathering, relay and management. or the disruption or misinformation of enemy logistics.

Mobile Sensor Array [6][]

Proposed Functionality
  • Drops a ground based sensor from the Galaxy. (Press B, possible delay after initiating)
  • Functions like a scout radar, possibly wider. Allow certing to increase range/scanning frequancy
  • HP and armor like a turret
Proposed Weaknesses
  • Vulnerable to all damage sources exept small arms fire.
  • Requires friendly engineers to repair it to full hp to build it before it functions
  • Cannot be repaired after it is built
  • Can only be requisitioned by a Squad Leader
  • You can only have a limited amount per region
  • 3 Sensors must be dropped. Detects enemies within the triangle up to a certain distance.
  • Can only be obtained at the Warpgate

Counter Intelligence Module[]

Proposed Functionality
  • Invisible cone below the Galaxy scrambles enemy logistics.
  • Disrupts enemy radars and sensors by greatly reducing their scan rate.
  • Causes visual distortion on enemy minimap. Prevents IFF from showing.
Proposed Weaknesses
  • Requires fairly close and consistent flying to scramble, thus requiring air superiority for effective, consistent scrambling.
  • Should remove squad transport capabilities

Scout Radar (AWACS)[7][]

Proposed Functionality
  • Works much like the scout radar
  • Should either detect below the Galaxy (regardless of rotation) in a cone, or level with the Galaxy and above it.
  • Uses the utility slot
Proposed Weaknesses
  • Low scan rate, either automatic or pilot must click to ping the radar.
  • Limited Cone of detection

Quality of Life changes/tweaks (Misc. Section)[]

These changes are less so suggestions on how to develop new load outs and roles for the Galaxy and is more so for addressing outstanding issues with the Galaxy as is. These issues may or may not affect the performance of the Galaxy as it currently is and if the changes above are implemented.

Passive Deploy EXP[8][]

Players should be rewarded either a small exp reward or an exp modifier for using transport vehicles as they were designed. This also would encourage people to fully stack into a Galaxy, instead of finding another Galaxy in hopes of getting a gunner seat so they may net some EXP. The modifier or EXP would increase based on the number of enemies or state of the base when they exit the Galaxy.

Hotdrop Button/Functionality[9][]

"Very simple, with two options: a hotkey to auto-drop the troops your carrying, with an alternative option to allow for the auto-dropping of troops not in gunner slots. I'm sure any Galaxy pilot will probably agree that trying to mess around with a vehicle menu over a drop zone is something you really, really don't want to have to deal with."

Waypoint System for Gals[10][]

Set a Galaxy Waypoint on the map for occupants. When some one gets in they will get a gold waypoint marker on the map set by the Galaxy Pilot via right click. The waypoint goes away when the occupant gets out of the Galaxy

Visual Display of Location[11][]

  • The Galaxy will have text above it, stating either where the pilot's personal waypoint is set (the Hex, i.e Tawrich Tech Plant) OR
  • Displays text that the driver puts in. A parked Galaxy could read "Destination: Tawrich Tech Plant Objective: Satellite Bases". This would provide easy access to the mission statement of a Galaxy for passengers as they debate where to go. Command should be like /GalMission ' statement


Presumably, some of the above archetypes for the Galaxy should remove some of its weapons. For example, if we were to remove the sideguns on the cargo transport, you could move one of those guns (or both) onto the nose for the pilot to use. That or you could remove both sideguns and move the top mounted gun to the nosegun. Either way, providing the pilot with a weapon for some of these archetypes could be an interesting thing to take note of.

Pilot Optics/Non-Gunner Optics[13][]

Both the Sunderer and Galaxy suffer from this issue. Since neither have a gun for the pilot, neither can obtain optics. Perhaps the Galaxy/Sunderer can get a new vehicle slot for pilot optics?

Transportation Vehicle Seats[]

Another issue the Sunderer and Galaxy both suffer from. Increase sizes for both vehicles to 13 so a Sunderer or Galaxy can carry an entire squad around plus themselves.
However, it is uncertain how this will function with the current 12-seat F1-12 control.
In addition to previous, it should be nice to be able to spot ennemies from the "soft" seats, so from those non armed, included for Sunderer.



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