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This page is a collection of Light Assault Suggestions. Suggestions are designed to be picked through and not all work with each other.


Akimbo Weapons[]

  • High damage per mag, low burst DPS, High total ammo

Style 1 would allow Light Assaults to fight for longer in an Ambusher/CQC capacity with the trade off of lower DPS than other CQC options. Gives less reliance on engineers.

Ways to Balance: Firing once could shoot 1 round and toggle between guns. This would keep them from behaving like max weapons where you double DPS/TTK. Could restrict to pistols only and LA only. This would also keep Akimbo Underbosses/Commisioners from instantly killing any class with a double headshot and would keep Rate of Fire restrictions on wapons. Could give a boost to Jump Jets.

Example: Akimbo Beamers:

  • Same (or similar) ROF and same damage per shot of Beamers
  • Would have more rounds per ammo and reserve ammo
  • increased reload speeds.
  • Low initial accuracy and high damage drop off, aswell as limited zoom reduce effectiveness at range and restrict them to CQC.
  • .75x ADS Movement Speed modifier
  • Lower TTK than SMGs, Carbines or Shotguns
  • Low ADS accuracy benefits
  • Low movement penalties
  • Tighter jumping COF, allows shooting while jetting (From 7 to 4-5)
  • Faster weapon settling (from .15 to .2)

Code wise: Take the left hand off of default animations. Flip and mirror all but reload animations and ADS animations. Less animation work. Would require new player aniamtions (as well as animation LODs).

Empire Specific Shotguns[]

Could be usable by any class (except infiltrator) like other shotguns, or could be LA specific.

TR 'Juror' Riot gun[]

That this civilian weapon required so little modification for battlefield use is indicative of the brutality of the TR state.

  • Automatic fire
  • Lower damage, wider spread, larger mags and higher RoF than other auto shotguns
  • Can be given extended mags or an underbarrel concussion grenade launcher

NC Gauss Cannonade[]

Any factory or machine shop can churn out an average EM weapon under the noses of TR regulators. This customized liquid slug launcher is built to more advanced specs.

  • Advanced smart choke automatically fires slugs when scoped
  • Slugs have much better velocity and less drop than those fired from normal shotguns
  • Slightly smaller magazine and lower RoF

VS 'Sunspot' Fission Rifle[]

The Vanu's technology worship is particularly heavy around this temperamental experimental weapon, and many soldiers develop elaborate superstitions regarding its function.

  • Heat mechanic
  • Narrow spread
  • Pellet count falls as heat builds with sustained fire
  • Cannot reload

Tool Slot[]

Ability Slot[]

Dash Jets[]

  • Gives the Light Assault a boost in the direction they are looking.
  • Returns you to normal speed near the end of the dash
  • Applies jumping COF penalty at the start of the dash
  • Can only dash twice in quick succession before going empty
  • When energy bar is empty, long delay before start up but quick fuel regen
  • Works with melee.
  • Turned on by using F key.

Grenade Slot[]

Specialty Grenades[]

  • Increase grenade capacity by 1
  • Smoke/Flash grenade basic would have 2 grenades, 5 with Rank 3 Grenade Bandolier

Flash Grenades[]

  • Increase detonation time by 1-2 seconds.

Phosphorus Smoke Grenades[]

  • Make smoke grenades inflict minute (1) damage every few seconds
  • Causes enemy shields to flicker
  • Prevents enemy shields from regenerating
  • Would work w/ Spotter implant

Nanite Replicating Grenade or Nanite Replicating Charger[]

  • Grenade charges the class energy bar of any allies in the AOE. (Medic Regen, Infiltrator Cloak, LA Jump Jets)
  • Grenade would be sticky
  • Could be used to boon an ally push or provide mid-flight boosts w/ a well timed and placed grenade.
  • Alternatively: Could be a suit slot that activates on F for the player only.

Chaff Grenade[]

  • Despots all allies and grants spot immunity for 5-10 seconds within 10-15m
  • Disables minimap spotting for firing or motion sensors for the impact area for 5-10 seconds
  • Grenades explode on impact
  • EXP granted for removing a spot on allies.

This grenade would provide Light Assaults the ability to counter some of the Infiltrator's tools in a small area. It can also be used for the light assualt to mask their own movements temporarily. It supplements suppressor users.

Suit Slots[]

Utility Slot[]

Stimulant Kit (Stimpack)[1][]

  • increases Knifing Speed, Weapon Switch Speed, Reload Speed, Walking Speed and Running speed
  • 1 Injection per rank similar to Medical Kit and Restoration Kit.
  • Lasts 10-15 seconds

Quality of Life/Misc[]

Faction Standard[]

Equipping this item (Suit/Utility/Grenade Slot?) would increase objective interaction times by X% for the Light Assault.

  • Arming/Disarming Shield Generators
  • Spawn Control Units
  • Capture Points

Signature Scrambler Dart[]

  • Sensor dart gun functionality
  • Scrambles any near by Motion Spotter or Sensor Dart.
  • Reports false signatures to faction

Signature Deflector Kit[]

  • Uses jet pack fuel
  • Reports false signatures to enemies near by.