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A compensator redirects gases upward, reducing vertical recoil. The increased sound pressure will cause the player to show in the minimap from farther away, and increased weapon bulk reduces accuracy when firing from the hip.
Empire: Icon NS.png
Cert Cost: 100  Certification Points
DC Cost: 75  Daybreak Cash

The Compensator is a barrel attachment available to a large amount of primary weapons. It is unlocked through purchase with Certification Points and Daybreak Cash.

While attached, a compensator reduces the weapon's vertical recoil by 15% on most guns, with certain weapons receiving a slightly higher benefit. In exchange, the weapon's fire detect range is increased by 35 meters and its minimum hip cone-of-fire is increased by 20% in all stances.

 Daybreak Cash As with all other attachments, if any instance of this attachment is purchased with Daybreak Cash it will still only be available for the specific weapon it was unlocked for, however it will be available on other characters who can use that same weapon.

Availability and Stats[]

All weapons below have access to a compensator and incur the expected penalties of 35 meters to their fire detect range and 20% to their minimum hip cone-of-fires.

In addition, most weapons receive a decrease of 15% to their vertical recoil magnitudes, though a select few weapons enjoy an improved benefit.

If a weapon's recoil reduction benefit is different than the expected -15%, it is listed in subscript next to the weapon.

Assault Rifles[]

Assault Rifles
Icon TR.png Icon NC.png Icon VS.png Icon NS.png Icon NSO.png
SABR-13 -25% Gauss Rifle S CME NS-11A
T1S Cycler Reaper DMR -25% Equinox VE2 NSX Yumi
TORQ-9 Carnage AR Corvus VA55
NC-9 A-Tross
Gauss Prime[1] Darkstar[1] NSX-A Kuwa

Battle Rifles[]

Battle Rifles
Icon TR.png Icon NC.png Icon VS.png Icon NSO.png
AMR-66 Warden Eidolon VE33
DMR-99[1] GD Guardian[1] Revenant[1] NSX-A Sesshin


Icon TR.png Icon NC.png Icon VS.png Icon NS.png
T5 AMC AC-X11 -20% Pulsar C NS-11C
TRAC-5 S Gauss Compact S Solstice SF
HC1 Cougar Razor GD-23 Zenith VX-5

Light Machine Guns[]

Light Machine Guns
Icon TR.png Icon NC.png Icon VS.png Icon NS.png
T9 CARV-S EM6 Flare VE6 NS-15M2
TMG-50 Gauss SAW S SVA-88 NSX Naginata
T32 Bull NC6 Gauss SAW VX29 Polaris

Scout Rifles[]

Scout Rifles
Icon TR.png Icon NC.png Icon VS.png Icon NS.png
HSR-1 AF-6 Shadow Nyx VX31 NS-30 Vandal
SOAS-20 AF-18 Stalker Artemis VX26 NSX Tomoe

Submachine Guns[]

Submachine Guns
Icon TR.png Icon NC.png Icon VS.png Icon NS.png
SMG-46 Armistice AF-4 Cyclone Eridani SX5 NS-7 PDW
PDW-16 Hailstorm Blitz GD-10 Sirius SX12 NS-66 Punisher


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 Equipped by default, and cannot be removed.