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Consumables are a selection of deployable, throwable, or otherwise usable items that, once unlocked, are generally resupplied after each use using Nanites (Icon resource nanites 32.png) or Merit (Icon Merit.png), dependent on the specific item.

The number of a given consumable that can be carried in a single life varies by consumable. Most consumables allow the user to carry up to four in one life, some by default whereas others require external enhancements to reach this capacity. Consumables can only be resupplied at Infantry Terminals or upon respawn, Ammunition Packages or other such sources of ammunition will not restock a player's consumables.

All consumables are found in the grenade, utility, and tactical slots of a user's loadouts, although not all items in those slots are consumables (such as in the case of the Auxiliary Shield).

Grenade Slot[]

Grenades are a type of throwable consumable. After a certain amount of time has passed after being thrown, or upon contacting a surface or player, grenades trigger their effects, which range from simple damage to utility effects such as blinds, slows, revives, or healing.

Through the Advanced Specialization Program, grenades can be unlocked for use on additional classes past the standard.

Most grenade slot consumables have a default capacity of one, although their capacity can be increased by up to four times their default capacity using the Grenade Bandolier suit slot enhancement. Grenades are typically unlocked using Certification Points, although exceptions apply. Refer to individual articles for acquisition methods.


Grenade have a default capacity of one, and affect an area around them upon detonation. Grenades use fuses, whether timed or contact-based, to determine when their effects will trigger.

Name Description Resupply Cost Class Availability
Normal A.S.P. ( ASP Token)
Frag Grenade / Plasma Grenade
Frag Grenade.png
The standard frag grenade, capable of heavily damaging infantry targets. 50 Nanites Icon Infiltrator.png / Icon Light Assault.png
Icon Combat Medic.png / Icon Engineer.png
Icon Heavy Assault.png
Anti-Vehicle Grenade
Anti-Vehicle Grenade.png
Anti-Vehicle Grenades can stick to and damage vehicles and MAX units, but are less harmful to standard infantry. 50 Nanites Icon Heavy Assault.png Icon Engineer.png
Concussion Grenade
Concussion Grenade.png
The Concussion Grenade disorients targets in the blast area, temporarily blurring their vision and hindering motor control. 50 Nanites Icon Heavy Assault.png Icon Light Assault.png / Icon Combat Medic.png
Decoy Grenade
Decoy Grenade.png
This grenade simulates the sound of weapons fire, projects a false radar signature to enemies and will also distract automated anti-infantry turrets. 25 Nanites Icon Infiltrator.png Icon Light Assault.png / Icon Combat Medic.png
Icon Engineer.png / Icon Heavy Assault.png
EMP Grenade
EMP Grenade.png
Releases a wall-penetrating pulse wave that destroys or disables enemy deployables, resets infantry shields, and scrambles the HUD. 50 Nanites Icon Infiltrator.png Icon Engineer.png
Flash Grenade
Flash Grenade.png
Upon detonation, the Flash Grenade will temporarily blind, deafen, and reduce the accuracy of infantry within its blast radius, making it perfect for breaching crowded rooms. 25 Nanites Icon Light Assault.png Icon Infiltrator.png / Icon Heavy Assault.png
Nanite Healing Grenade
Nanite Healing Grenade.png
Shortly after being thrown, this Nanite Healing Grenade creates a temporary Nano-Regen field that quickly mends injured soldiers. 25 Nanites Icon Combat Medic.png
Nanite Revive Grenade
Nanite Revive Grenade.png
Upon detonation, this Revive Grenade releases a swarm of Rebirth nanites capable of healing fallen allies to 50% health. 75 Nanites Icon Combat Medic.png
Nano-Repair Grenade
Nano-Repair Grenade.png
When detonated, the grenade creates a field that repairs nearby mechanical targets for 50 health per second. This grenade can stick to vehicles and MAX units. 75 Nanites Icon Engineer.png
Quick-Det Flash Grenade
Quick-Det Flash Grenade.png
This short-fuse version of the standard Flash Grenade will temporarily blind and deafen infantry targets, but do so with less effectiveness as the original. 25 Nanites Icon Light Assault.png
Smoke Grenade
Smoke Grenade.png
A grenade which produces a large smoke screen capable of providing cover for a short period of time. 25 Nanites Icon Light Assault.png Icon Infiltrator.png / Icon Combat Medic.png
Icon Engineer.png / Icon Heavy Assault.png
Sticky Grenade
Sticky Grenade.png
A Frag Grenade coated in a kinetic adhesive, allowing it to stick to almost any surface upon impact. 50 Nanites Icon Engineer.png Icon Infiltrator.png


Miscellaneous grenade slot consumables are usable by any non-MAX infantry class, and have a default capacity of two. Currently, all miscellaneous grenade slot consumables are thrown kinetic weapons, dealing only damage upon directly impacting a target with no explosive damage.

Name Description Resupply Cost
NSX Fujin
NSX Fujin.png
The Fujin throwing knife harbors a kinetic edge that slices through infantry defenses, and provides a precision alternative to frag grenades. 25 Nanites
NSX Raijin
NSX Raijin.png
Three Raijin shurikens are tossed in a vertical spread, allowing their kinetic edge to strike deep into enemy armor at multiple locations. 25 Nanites


Time-limited grenade slot consumables are only available during certain event periods throughout the year. Similar to miscellaneous grenades, time-limited grenades have no class restriction.

Outside of their respective time periods, time-limited grenade slot consumables are entirely inaccessible, and they will be removed from loadouts automatically once the event's duration has elapsed.

Unlike other grenade slot consumables, time-limited grenades do not have their capacity affected by Grenade Bandolier.

Name Description Resupply Cost Capacity
Pumpkin Grenade
Pumpkin Grenade.png
This weaponized pumpkin packs a punch killing space pumpkins will refill your stock of pumpkins grenade. These grenades are only available during the holiday season. Space Pumpkin Seeds 40
Water Balloon
Water Balloon.png
Water balloons approved for both recreational and combat use. 25 Nanites 4

Utility Slot[]

The Utility Slot contains a variety of utility items and deployable equipment for players to use. The exact effect varies drastically between each item. Similarly, the capacity of each utility item is typically different to others.


Universal utility slot items are those that are available to all non-MAX infantry classes. These typically items affect the user's survivability in some way, through some form of healing.

Universal utility slot items are, as the name implies, universal. All classes benefit from the same certification, and unlocking/upgrading an item in this category applies the benefit to all classes.

Although it is not a consumable, instead being a completely passive item that cannot be held in the player's hand, Auxiliary Shield is included for completions sake, as it is still a utility slot item and is the only exception to the slot being used for consumables.

Name Description Resupply Cost Capacity
Auxiliary Shield
Auxiliary Shield.png
Advanced calibration systems passively increase your maximum shield health by 50. N/A N/A
Medical Kit
Medical Kit.png
This single-use Medical Kit instantly restores 500 health via needle-free, subcutaneous delivery of adrenaline and nanite-based coagulants. 50 Nanites 1-4
Restoration Kit
Medical Kit.png
This single-use Restoration Kit regenerates 70 health per second for 12 seconds through needle-free, subcutaneous delivery of adrenaline and nanite-based coagulants. 25 Nanites 1-4
This single-use Infradine injector will, after a few seconds, allow the soldier to view heat signatures as if they were using an infrared scope. Lasts up to 30 seconds. 25 Nanites 4


The utility slot allows access to a selection of deployable explosives, thrown to be deployed and with varying class availability and trigger methods.

Explosives certifications are not universal, and must be unlocked individually for each class.

The Engineer can increase their capacity for utility explosives using the appropriate suit slot enhancements, either Demolitions Pouch or Mine Carrier based on the specific item.

Name Description Resupply Cost Class Availability Capacity
Anti-Personnel Explosives
Anti-Personnel Explosives Cert Icon.gif
Anti-Personnel explosive mine that detonates upon detecting nearby enemy movement. 75 Nanites Icon Infiltrator.png / Icon Engineer.png 1-2
C-4 Cert Icon.png
Plastic explosives capable of incredible damage to infantry, MAXes, and vehicles alike. 75 Nanites Icon Light Assault.png / Icon Combat Medic.png
Icon Engineer.png / Icon Heavy Assault.png
Tank Mines
Tank Mine Cert Icon.png
User deployable anti-vehicle mine, activated by nearby enemy vehicles and MAXes. 50 Nanites Icon Engineer.png 1-3


The utility slot offers deployables not unlike those available to the Engineer, placed onto a specific location and often intended to be used defensively.

Name Description Resupply Cost Class Availability Capacity
Normal A.S.P. ( ASP Token)
Reserve Hardlight Barrier
Reserve Hardlight Barrier Cert Icon.png
Deploys a chest-high hardlight barrier which protects from incoming fire until it expires or is destroyed. Only one barricade may be active at a time. 50 Nanites Icon Engineer.png Icon Heavy Assault.png 2

Tactical Slot[]

The tactical slot hosts a variety of deployable items, unlocked and resupplied using Merit (Icon Merit.png). They are available to all classes. Some tactical slot items require a direct line-of-sight to the sky above to be deployed.

Name Description Resupply Cost Capacity
Deploys a Caltrop tank trap that inhibits the movement of vehicles. Lasts 30 minutes or until destroyed. Up to four Caltrops can be active at a time. 15 Merit 4
Cortium Bomb
Cortium Bomb.png
Deploy a powerful cortium bomb that will explode after 20 seconds, doing high damage over a large radius. Detonation is cancelled if disarmed before the timer expires.

Allies and Enemies can disarm.

20 Merit 1
Flash XS-1
Flash XS-1.png
Deploys the lightly armored Flash XS-1, a single-passenger vehicle designed for rapid deployment anywhere on the battlefield. 25 Merit 2
Hardlight Canopy
Hardlight Canopy.png
Deploy a generator that creates a hardlight canopy. The canopy appears a few meters above the generator and blocks incoming projectiles from above. Only 1 canopy can be active at a time. 20 Merit 1
Ordnance Dampener
Ordnance Dampener.png
Deploys a dampening field that reduces common explosive damage by 50% for allied infantry and MAX units within range. Only one Ordnance Dampener can be active at a time. 25 Merit 2