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Esamir was the second continent released during the PlanetSide 2 beta on October 6th, 2012. Its terrain consists of barren, icy wastelands and frozen lakes. Spires of violet crystals occasionally dot the landscape, jutting out of the ground to heights exceeding twenty meters.

Esamir is a continent featuring icy tundra terrain and only 20 small outposts compared to the 52 on Indar. There are seven facilities that consist of Amp StationsBio Lab and Tech Plant. Esamir is unique because it is the only continent that features only one tech plant and can provide the holding faction with a significant bonus over the other by allowing MBT spawns on outposts.

Because of the continent's relatively flat terrain and minimal cover from aircraft, the conflicts that take place on Esamir are dominated by tank columns and other forms of vehicular warfare.

Esamir is also the only continent that does not have a completely dark night cycle. Instead of being plunged into darkness like Indar and Amerish, Esamir enters a "twilight" phase with lower lighting, but still plenty of visibility for all players.

Capturing Esamir will allow allied control points to increase shield capacity by 50 on all continents for the faction that holds it, until it is claimed by another faction.

Places of InterestEdit

Eisa Tech PlantEdit

Main article: Eisa Tech Plant
Eisa Tech Plant(Or)

Eisa Tech Plant

Placed smack in the middle of Esamir, this facility is key for any faction if they wish to control the battle flow on the continent.  Its layout is the same as other tech plants, but its location is key, dominating the center.  The base being the only tech plant on Esamir, it will give you access to your faction based MBTs and all Air vehicles. The faction controlling this facility will have a great advantage over the other two due to their MBT advantage.

Geographical RegionsEdit


Esamir show cases a snowy continent with two frozen rivers, flat lands, and pocketed mountain regions.

Frozen RiversEdit

Located in the southwest and northeast, these rivers are completely frozen over.  Allowing anything and everything to cross over them.

List of Esamir FacilitiesEdit

Small OutpostsEdit

Large OutpostsEdit

Amp StationsEdit

Bio LabsEdit

Tech PlantsEdit



Prior to Game Update 13 the Lattice system did not exist on Indar and relied on a hex-adjacency capture system. The lattice system introduced in Game Update 13 attempts to control some of the battle flow to make it more predictable, and prevent large platoons from circling to avoid one another and to fight head on. This update also removed a small number of bases on Esamir, and contained a design pass on the rest of the bases. This pass included adding more detail, cover, and design choices to give infantry a better fighting chance against large vehicle onslaughts.

Below are some images of the continent and resource structure prior to GU13

Esamir GU12Esamir Resources GU12

Prior to Game Update 11 the game required any single faction to capture every territory on a continent in order to receive its continental bonus. As of Game Update 11, capturing a continent now requires 75% of the continent to be captured. This was done to make it easier to capture continents with the new Lattice system during prime time. However, if any faction owns a continent, they can also lose control of the continent at 15% territory control instead of having every base stripped from them. This also makes it easier to neutralize a continent during prime time.

List of Removed Outposts on Esamir Edit

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