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Experience points (XP) are given for completing various tasks during the game. Earning 250 XP awards you 1 Certification Point. XP also increases a character's Battle Rank.

The rate of gain can be increased through certain Boosts and through Premium Membership.

Experience Points[]

Superscript represents game update that values are checked for.

There may be a % modifier increase if your empire has a population disadvantage on the server. There is a bonus of 10-15% when defending territory that belongs to your empire.


XP Action
20 Terminal Destruction
25 Control Point Conversion
250 Overload
250 Stabilization
250 Facility Capture (small)
500 Objective Kill
500 Facility Capture (medium)
1000 Facility Capture (large)


Infantry Kill
XP Kill Type
25 Spawn Kill
100 Enemy Kill
150 High Threat Kill (killing a player who has earned 1000-1999 XP)
300 Extreme Menace Kill (killing a player who has earned 2000 or more XP)
Infantry Kill Assist
XP Assist Type
25 Kill Assist
50 Critical Kill Assist
Infantry Kill Bonus
XP Bonus Type
10 Headshot
10 Kill Streak (For each successful kill streak past 3)
10 Attack/Defend Kill (Near Capture Point)
200 MAX Kill
20 Vengeance Kill (killing an opponent who recently killed you)
20 Savior Kill (killing an opponent who recently damage friendly)
20 Group Kill
25 Domination Kill
25 Streak Stop


Vehicle Kill
XP Kill Type
20 Drop Pod Kill
100 Flash Kill
100 Turret Kill
100 Phalanx Turret Kill
300 Harasser Kill
400 Lightning Kill
400 ESF Kill
400 Galaxy Kill
500 Liberator Kill
500 MBT Kill
500 Sunderer Kill
Vehicle Kill Assist
XP Assist Type
5-15 Flash Kill Assist (Depends on damage done)[1]
19 Flash Critical Kill Assist
20-50 Phalanx Turret Kill Assist (Depends on damage done)
75 Phalanx Turret Critical Kill Assist
60-150 Harasser Kill Assist (Depends on damage done)
225 Harasser Critical Kill Assist
60-150 Lightning Kill Assist (Depends on damage done)
300 Lightning Critical Kill Assist
60-150 ESF Kill Assist (Depends on damage done)
300 ESF Critical Kill Assist
60-150 Galaxy Kill Assist (Depends on damage done)
300 Galaxy Critical Kill Assist
100-250 Liberator Kill Assist (Depends on damage done)
375 Liberator Critical Kill Assist
100-250 Sunderor Kill Assist (Depends on damage done)
375 Sunderor Critical Kill Assist
100-250 MBT Kill Assist (Depends on damage done)
375 MBT Critical Kill Assist
Vehicle Gunner Kill
XP Kill Type
19 Gunner Flash Kill Bonus
50 Deploy Kill
75 Gunner Kill Bonus
225 Gunner Harasser Kill Bonus
300 Gunner Lightning Kill Bonus
300 Gunner ESF Kill Bonus
300 Gunner Galaxy Kill Bonus
375 Gunner Sunderer Kill Bonus
375 Gunner MBT Kill Bonus
375 Gunner Liberator Kill Bonus
Vehicle Kill Bonus
XP Bonus Type
10 Roadkill
35 Ram Bonus
40 Surface-To-Air Damage
50 Ground Vehicle Damage


XP Action
2 Sunderer Spawn
5 per tick Repair
10 Squad Beacon Spawn
10 Spotting
10 per tick Heal Assist
10 per Magazine Resupply
13 per tick Squad Repair
13 per tick MAX Repair
15 per Magazine Squad Resupply
15 per tick Squad Heal
18 per tick Squad MAX Repair
20 Motion Detection
25 Hack Terminal/Turret
25 Hack Turret or Terminal
55-100[2] Revive


XP Action
10 Explosives Kill
250 Service Ribbon
500 Daily Bonus Ribbons (First 5 each day)


  1. As of Patch March 13th, 2014 assists scales depends on damage done, listed XP numbers can be incorrect since minimal and maximum xp for damage done is unknown(numbers above assumed as of 20-50% from kill xp)
  2. Depends on how much you upgrade Medical Applicator.