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These are common icons displayed in the various parts of the game, including the Map and Mini Map.

Empires Edit

Empire Icons
Icon Empire
Icon NC New Conglomerate (NC)
Icon TR Terran Republic (TR)
Icon VS Vanu Sovereignty (VS)

Region Edit

Generators Edit

Generator Icons
Icon Generator
Icon Horizontal Shield Horizontal Shield Generator
Icon SCU SCU (Spawn Control Unit)
Icon SCU Shield SCU (Spawn Control Unit) Shield Generator
Icon Vehicle Shield Vehicle Shield Generator
Icon Vertical Shield Vertical Shield Generator

Security Terminals Edit

Security Terminal
Icon Terminal
Icon A Alpha
Icon B Bravo
Icon C Charlie
Icon D Delta

Terminals Edit

Terminal Icons
Terminal Icon Spawns
Equipment Icon Infantry Terminal Class, Equipment, Ammo Resupply
Vehicle Icon Vehicle Terminal Flash, Harasser, Sunderer, Lightning, Prowler, Vanguard, Magrider
Air Icon Aircraft Terminal Mosquito, Reaver, Scythe, Liberator, Galaxy
Warp Icon Warpgate Terminal Allows the player to move between the continents of Auraxis
Energy Bridge Icon energyBridge tintable 16 Controls access to faction-specific energy bridges

Vehicle Resupply Edit

Vehicle Resupply Icons
Icon Vehicle Resupply
Icon Aircraft Resupply Aircraft Resupply (Air Vehicle Resupply Pads)
Icon Vehicle Resupply Vehicle Resupply (Ground Vehicle Ammo Resupply Towers)

Vehicles Edit

Ground Vehicles Edit

Common Pool Ground Vehicles Edit

Ground Vehicles
Icon Vehicles
Icon Flash Flash
Icon Harasser Harasser
Icon Lightning Lightning
Icon Sunderer Sunderer Icon Sunderer Resupply Sunderer with Vehicle Ammo Dispenser Icon Sunderer Repair Sunderer with Nanite Proximity Repair System

Empire Specific Ground Vehicles Edit

Empire Specific Ground Vehicle Icons
Icon Vehicles Empire
Icon Magrider Magrider Icon VS Vanu Sovereignty
Icon Prowler Prowler Icon TR Terran Republic
Icon Vanguard Vanguard Icon NC New Conglomerate

Aircraft Edit

Common Pool Aircraft Edit

Aircraft Icons
Icon Vehicles
Icon Liberator Liberator
Icon Galaxy Galaxy Icon Galaxy Resupply Galaxy with Vehicle Ammo Dispenser Icon Galaxy Repair Galaxy with Nanite Proximity Repair System
Icon Valkyrie Valkyrie

Empire Specific Aircraft Edit

Empire Specific Aircraft Icons
Icon Aircraft Empire
Icon Mosquito Mosquito Icon TR Terran Republic
Icon Reaver Reaver Icon NC New Conglomerate
Icon Scythe Scythe Icon VS Vanu Sovereignty

Classes Edit

Class Icons
Icon Class
Icon Combat Medic Combat Medic (CM)
Icon Engineer Engineer
Icon Heavy Assault Heavy Assault (HA)
Icon Infiltrator Infiltrator (Cloaker)
Icon Light Assault Light Assault (LA)

Platoon/Squad Edit

Attack/Defend Edit

Attack/Defend Icons
Icon Action
Icon Attack Attack this point
Icon Defend Defend this point

Smoke Edit

Smoke Icons
Icon Smoke Color
Icon Smoke Green Green Smoke
Icon Smoke Orange Orange Smoke
Icon Smoke Purple Purple Smoke
Icon Smoke Yellow Yellow Smoke

Spawn Beacons Edit

Spawn Beacon Icons
Icon Spawn Beacon
Icon Spawn Beacon Spawn Beacon
Icon Spawn Beacon NC New Conglomerate Spawn Beacon
Icon Spawn Beacon TR Terran Republic Spawn Beacon
Icon Spawn Beacon VS Vanu Sovereignty Spawn Beacon

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