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Koltyr is a warzone continent on Auraxis. A uniquely small continent, Koltyr is a small island with much the same terrain as Amerish—fair grasslands and plantlife ringed by hills and mountains.

"The small island of Koltyr retains little tactical value in the Auraxian War, and factions will often send new recruits here to hone their combat skills."

Koltyr is a standard warzone continent in name only. It is considerably smaller than any other warzone continent, featuring only three Large Outposts and one of each of the original three major facilities—one Amp Station, Bio Lab, and Tech Plant—and the selection of vehicles is greatly reduced. The usage of War Assets is fully restricted on Koltyr, and assets of any rarity or category cannot be used.

The island is only available at times of notably low or high population, opening to provide a playing space suitable for small numbers of players. The continent features a simple alert system, triggering a half-hour meltdown alert upon any given faction controlling 66% of the continent (four of the six facilities). This alert only provides a 25% experience point boost while active.


Koltyr functions significantly differently from standard warzone continents, with the following notable differences in place at all times.

  • Harassers and ANTs cannot be spawned. No terminals are available to spawn main battle tanks
  • Galaxies cannot be spawned. No terminals are available to spawn Liberators.
  • No terminals are available to spawn Colossi.
  • No terminals are available to spawn Bastion Fleet Carriers.
  • No Cortium is present on Koltyr.
  • A reduced population limit is in effect, of 99 players total (33 per faction).
  • War Assets cannot be used.
  • Outfit Resources are not earned from capturing and holding facilities on Koltyr.

Koltyr Facilities[]


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  • Koltyr has changed purposes twice during its lifespan;
    • Until to the February 8, 2018 Update, Koltyr was used as a training continent for lower battle rank players. Players of BR15 or below were automatically sent to Koltyr, and could no longer return once they passed that battle rank.
    • From between the February 8, 2018 Update, and the April 15, 2020 Update, Koltyr was a VR continent. It had similar vehicle restrictions as today and players could not earn any experience point. In exchange, all available vehicles could be freely spawned and all weaponry/equipment could be used without restriction or purchase.