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A Loadout is a set of player chosen customizations and equipment that defines their carry capabilities in battle. For infantry, this can include any set of implants and weapons to create a unique combat character or role.

Players can also create their own loadout for vehicles, adjusting their primary and secondary weapons, defensive equipment, utility items, and appearance.

Customization of weapons is possible.

See the Loadout Category for a list of various loadouts for each class.


  • Remember when creating a loadout for this wiki that the page should have the "Loadout" category added to it.
  • Also, be sure to write out the complete certification details, eg: "3/5" instead of just "3".


Engineer Level: 9000+
AF-57 Piston
LA8 Rebel
Nano-Armor Kit
Anti-Infantry MANA Turret
Anti-Vehicle Grenade
Nanoweave Armor
Bouncing Betty
Enhanced Targeting
Class Engineer

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