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MG-S1 Jackal
MG-S1 Jackal
The adaptable Jackal SMG has high stopping power in close quarters while remaining easy to control.
Cert Cost: 1000 Icon resource certpoints 25x25
DC Cost: 699 Icon Daybreak Cash
General Info
Empire: Icon TR
Can Use: Icon InfiltratorIcon Light AssaultIcon Combat MedicIcon EngineerIcon Heavy Assault
Weapon Type: SMG
Fire Rate: 600 RPM
Muzzle Velocity: 400m/s
Effective Range: Short
Fire Modes: Automatic
Headshot Multiplier: 2x
ADS Move Speed Multiplier: 0.75x
Max Damage: 167 before 6m
Min Damage: 100 after 46m
Reload Speed
Short Reload: 2s
Long Reload: 2.6s
Magazine Size: 30
Ammunition Pool: 230
Hip Aim
Crouch Still: 1 0.3
Move: 1.25 0.3
Stand Still: 1 0.3
Move: 1.5 0.3
Bloom per Shot: 0.06 0.06
Vertical: 0.15
Horizontal, Min/Max: 0.3/0.35
Horizontal Tolerance: 0.6
Angle Min/Max: 15°/15°
Bias: ← = →
Recoil Decrease: 18
First Shot Recoil Multiplier: 2x
Data Sources
Census API source: MG-S1 Jackal API Data?

The MG-S1 Jackal is a submachine gun available to the Terran Republic. It is unlocked through purchase with Certification Points or Daybreak Cash.

The MG-S1 Jackal is a 3rd generation submachine gun released alongside the MGR-S1 Gladius and the VE-S Canis as part of a new series of Empire Specific weapons. Each break the conventions of that faction's SMGs, and come with unique attachments. For the Jackal, these attachments are the BX Adapter and Hybrid Suppressor.

Compared to other submachine guns available to the Terran Republic, the Jackal is far more accurate and deals much higher damage per bullet at most ranges, though sacrifices a significant amount of fire rate for these perks. The Jackal, in this sense, is more comparable to the AF-4 Cyclone, a New Conglomerate submachine gun.

Damage Fall-off Edit

Stats in yellow are with Soft Point Ammunition

  • 167 before 6 meters (11 meters)
  • 143 at 20 meters (23 meters)
  • 125 at 30 meters (32 meters)
  • 112 at 38 meters (39 meters)
  • 100 at 46 meters (46 meters)


Available attachments
TSO-IRNV (1x) This Terran field optic has no magnification, and highlights nearby vehicles and infantry by using infrared signatures. It's used primarily at medium-close range in low-light conditions.
30Icon resource certpoints 25x25 29Icon Daybreak Cash
TSO-1 (1x) Crafted specifically for TR's Trident arsenal, the TSO-1 provides a clear reflex optic for close-range shooting.
More reticles for this scope available, see full article.
Weapons TR DokuWeapons Attachments ReflexSight001 Red 128x128
30Icon resource certpoints 25x25 29Icon Daybreak Cash
TSO-2 (2x) The TSO-2 provides a slight magnification boost to extend a shooter's target acquisition beyond close range.
More reticles for this scope available, see full article.
Weapons TR DokuWeapons Attachments ReflexSight001 Red 128x128
30Icon resource certpoints 25x25 29Icon Daybreak Cash
TSO-3.4 (3.4x) This 3.4x magnification variant of Trident's specialty optics extends the shooter's precision well past mid-range.
More reticles for this scope available, see full article.
Weapons TR DokuWeapons Attachments Scope4x 001 Red 128x128
30Icon resource certpoints 25x25 29Icon Daybreak Cash
Barrel Attachments
Hybrid Suppressor A hybrid suppressor reduces weapon noise, muzzle flash, and prevents the player from showing on the minimap when firing, but bullet velocity is reduced by 50%.
Hybrid Suppressor (TR)
200Icon resource certpoints 25x25 99Icon Daybreak Cash
Rail Attachments
Darklight Flashlight The rail mounted Darklight Flashlight can illuminate hostile cloaked infiltrators and dark areas but the light can give away your position.
100Icon resource certpoints 25x25 49Icon Daybreak Cash
Advanced Laser Sight An advanced laser sight increases hipfire accuracy by 40%.
Advanced Laser Sight
200Icon resource certpoints 25x25 99Icon Daybreak Cash
Forward Grip A forward grip increases control of the weapon, reducing horizontal recoil by 25%.
Forward Grip (TR)
100Icon resource certpoints 25x25 49Icon Daybreak Cash
BX Adapter Jokingly referred to as the "broomstick", this adapter reserves 9 rounds from the magazine to add an alternate fire mode that unleashes a torrent of rounds after a short spinup.
BX Adapter
200Icon resource certpoints 25x25 99Icon Daybreak Cash
Soft Point Ammunition Soft Point Ammunition increases the weapon's maximum damage range by 5 meters, but reduces its projectile velocity by 10%.
Extended Magazine (TR)
100Icon resource certpoints 25x25 49Icon Daybreak Cash

Effectiveness Edit

Theoretical Time To Kill
Infantry Body part 0m 6m 46m
Normal Suit Normal Suit
Icon Light AssaultInfantry Head 0.2s 0.215s - 0.515s -
Torso 0.5s 0.515s 0.715s 1.015s 1.315s
Icon InfiltratorInfiltrator Head 0.2s 0.215s - 0.515s -
Torso 0.5s 0.515s 0.615s 0.915s 1.215s
Icon MAXMAX Head 2.9s 2.915s - 5.015s -
Torso 5.9s 5.915s 7.415s 10.015s 12.515s
Versus Infantry
Infantry Body part Shots to Kill
Before 6m After 46m
Icon Light AssaultInfantry Head 3 5
Torso 6(8) 10(13)
Legs 7(9) 12(14)
Icon InfiltratorInfiltrator Head 3 5
Torso 6(7) 9(12)
Legs 6(8) 10(13)
Icon MAXMAX Head 30 50
Torso 60(75) 100(125)
Legs 67(84) 112(139)
Versus Vehicles
Vehicle Armor Facing Shots to Kill
Before 6m After 46m
Flash DiagramFlash - 45 (on fire @ 36) 75 (on fire @ 60)
Composite Armor 5 - 59 (on fire @ 47) 98 (on fire @ 78)
Harasser DiagramHarasser - 116 (on fire @ 93) 193 (on fire @ 154)
Composite Armor 5 - 139 (on fire @ 111) 231 (on fire @ 185)
Sunderer DiagramSunderer - Immune
Blockade Armor 5 - Immune
Deployment Shield 4 - Immune
ANT DiagramANT - Immune
Lightning DiagramLightning Front/Top Immune
Prowler DiagramProwler Front/Top Immune
Magrider DiagramMagrider Front/Top Immune
Vanguard DiagramVanguard Front/Top Immune
Mosquito DiagramReaver DiagramScythe DiagramESF - 72 (on fire @ 58) 120 (on fire @ 96)
Composite Armor 5 - 80 (on fire @ 64) 132 (on fire @ 106)
Valkyrie DiagramValkyrie Front/Side/Top/Rear 180 (on fire @ 144) 300 (on fire @ 240)
Bottom 360 (on fire @ 288) 600 (on fire @ 480)
Composite Armor 5 Front/Side/Top/Rear 207 (on fire @ 166) 345 (on fire @ 276)
Bottom 414 (on fire @ 331) 690 (on fire @ 552)
Liberator DiagramLiberator - Immune
Composite Armor 5 - Immune
Galaxy DiagramGalaxy - Immune
Composite Armor 5 - Immune
Bastion Fleet Carrier DiagramBastion Weak Point - Immune

Ribbons and MedalsEdit

It is possible to get both Ribbons and Medals for using the MG-S1 Jackal. Each Ribbon is a standard reward for achieving a set amount of kills with the Jackal. Medals relate to how many overall kills you have with the Jackal.


Ribbon Icon Requirements
MG-S1 Jackal Service Ribbon
Submachine Gun Ribbon
10 kills.

See more available ribbons on the Service Ribbons page.


Medal Icon Requirements Certification Rewards
No Medal
Medal Empty
0 kill No Reward
Copper Medal
Medal Copper
10 kills 2 Icon resource certpoints 25x25
Silver Medal
Medal Silver
60 kills 10 Icon resource certpoints 25x25
Gold Medal
Medal Gold
160 kills 20 Icon resource certpoints 25x25
Auraxium Medal
Medal Araxium
1160 kills 200 Icon resource certpoints 25x25

History Edit

  • December 7, 2017 Update
    • Added to the live game.
  • February 8, 2018 Update
    • Base projectile velocity from 350 to 400.
    • Suppressed audio now uses the correct rate of fire.
    • BX Adapter icon changed.
    • BX Adapter received an updated tooltip.
    • BX Adapter no longer reduces ammo capacity.
    • BX Adapter reload speed from 2.25sec./2.92sec. to 2sec./2.6sec. (Same as the default reload.)
    • BX Adapter can no longer be equipped at the same time as the Hybrid Suppressor.
    • Dev Note: We decided to keep the BX Adapter a niche attachment while fixing some quality of life issues it created. The velocity increase helps the weapon play more nicely with Hybrid Suppressor, and complements the accuracy focus of the base weapon.

Trivia Edit

  • MG-S1 Jackal model was designed by Player Studio artist «d0ku», as part of a 3 new sets of Empire Specific weapon models.
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