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Message Courier is a mission, available at uncommon rarity. The mission is contracted by Nanite Systems.


Hello, operative. We would like to enlist your aid to deliver encrypted message to several facilities in your area of operation. For security reasons, Nanite Systems require these messages to be delivered via a Harasser ground vehicle equipped with an encoded short-range transmitter.

Please acquire a Harasser from an allied Warpgate, where we will equip it with the transmitter and associated message. You will then drive this delivery vehicle within range of each of the facilities we specify. Your efforts will be compensated upon mission completion, thank you!

Participating in this mission will temporarily flag you as a High Value agent of Nanite Systems.


Message Courier features four objectives, although the first two are the only two that must be completed—the "completion" of the latter two restarts the mission.

  • Acquire a Harasser from Warpgate (0/1)
  • Messaged Delivered (0/4)
  • Deliver Messages In Time (0/480)
  • Vehicle Must Not Be Destroyed (0/1)


  • If the player loses the Harasser, or 480 seconds pass, the first objective resets and the player must begin the mission anew.


  • On mission start

Mission Message: Only a Harasser pulled from a warpgate vehicle terminal will contain the messages. We will relay the destination once you are in possession of the vehicle.


  • 3,000 Experience Points
  • 150 ISO-4