Mini Map

The Mini-Map is displayed on the lower left hand side of the game interface, and is used for navigation without needing to open the main map. Pressing H (By Default) will toggle the size of the Mini-Map from small to large. Pressing ] will zoom-in, whereas [ will zoom-out. The Mini-Map also displays:


  • Arrows of both enemy and friendly Infantry (MAXes have extra lines around their arrows)
  • Icons for both enemy and friendly Vehicles
  • Dots of both friendly and enemy fire (unless a Suppressor is used outside 40 meter radius of the target)



  • If playing a Combat Medic, displays a medic cross icon for friendly injured Infantry needing to be healed, and displays a skull icon for friendly fallen Infantry needing to be revived
  • If playing an Engineer, displays a wrench icon for damaged Generators, MAXes, Terminals, and Vehicles needing repairs, and bullets for friendlies out of ammunition.

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