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Missions are time-limited objectives players can take on in order to earn a variety of rewards.

Accessible through the Missions page, missions task the player with a variety of objectives to complete on warzone continents of Auraxis, dependent on the exact mission, and once completed their rewards can be claimed at any time, granting the player Experience Points and a potential of a whole host of other rewards.

Players can only accept up to three missions per 24 hour period, unless they have Premium Membership at which point they can accept up to six. Missions last twelve hours after being accepted, and the pool of missions refreshes every 24 hours, with the timer beginning when the player logs in after the timer elapses.

To access the Missions page, interact (E by default) with a mission board in a Warpgate or aboard Sanctuary, or press the Open Mission Page hotkey (I by default) at any time.

List of Missions[edit | edit source]

Mission Rarities[edit | edit source]

Missions have several types of rarity, indicating their intended difficulty, how much time they take, and how actively they ask the player to engage with them.

A mission's rarity is indicated by the small colored bar to their left-hand side in the missions page. The primary three rarities available and indicated in-game are common—with a white bar, uncommon—green bar, and rare—blue bar.

Each successive tier will increase the time taken to complete the mission, as well as include objectives players will have more actively complete, whereas lower tiered objectives may be easily completed while playing the game normally. In exchange, higher tier missions both feature an expanded reward pool and increased yields on all rewards.

Campaign Side-Missions[edit | edit source]

Campaign Side-Missions are unlockable uncommon tier missions, available to players engaging in an active Campaign. They often task players with repeating objectives from campaign events, and unlike other missions, campaign side-missions require a Certification Point buy-in to accept. They are indicated with a green bar.

Campaign side-missions have a fixed reward pool, always awarding a moderately low amount of experience points and some Campaign Standing.

Training Missions[edit | edit source]

Training missions are a variant of common tier missions, only available to characters of Battle Rank 15 or below. They task the player with engaging in the game in some way, by playing a class, using game mechanics such as Join Combat, or interacting with Generators.

This is the only mission type available to players below battle rank 15. They reward experience points, as well as higher value bonus rewards than would be expected for a common tier mission.

Mission Rewards[edit | edit source]

The reward pool for a mission is based on the rarity of the mission, as well as the contractor. The contractor can be seen on the right-hand side of the mission screen.

All missions award a varied amount of Experience Points, and this can be the only reward a mission provides. Sometimes, missions reduce their experience payout and add a secondary reward to the payout. This secondary reward is that which is decided by the contractor.

Direct currency-based rewards have their chance to appear affected by the amount of that currency the player currently holds. Players with a large reserve of a given currency have an extremely low chance to see that currency as a mission reward, whereas players with little of that currency will see it often.

Select a Contractor above to see their potential rewards.

Generic Rewards - Icon NS.png
Item Quantity Rarity
Certification Points 25-50Certification Points
75Certification Points
200Certification Points
ISO-4 25ISO-4
Icon implant XP 02 128.png
Experience Boost - 30 Minutes
Icon implant XP 02 128.png
Experience Boost - 1 Hour
NS-7 PDW.png
NS Annihilator.png
NS Annihilator
Ocular Shield 1.png
Any non-exceptional Implant

Black Market Rewards - Icon A7.png
Item Quantity Rarity
Certification Points 75Certification Points Uncommon
A7 200-300A7 Uncommon

GD-22S, NC12 Sweeper, LA8 Rebel, Gauss Compact Burst, Warden, Gauss Rifle Burst

AMR-66, M77-B, T1B Cycler, TS4 Haymaker, TX2 Emperor, Trac-5 Burst, SOAS-20

Equinox VE2 Burst (Uncommon), Pulsar LSW, Eidolon VE33 (Uncommon), XM98 (Uncommon), Manticore SX40, Solstice Burst, Ghost 50 Certs (Common) Experience Boost 30 Minute (Common) Experience Boost 1 Hour (Uncommon) 200 Certs (Rare)

MKV Suppressed 25-50 Certs (Common) Experience Boost 1 Hour (Common) 200 Certs (Rare)

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