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Missions are time-limited tasks players can take on in order to earn a variety of rewards.

Accessible through the Missions page, missions task the player with a variety of objectives to complete on warzone continents of Auraxis, dependent on the exact mission, and once completed their rewards can be claimed at any time, granting the player Experience Points and a potential of a whole host of other rewards.

Players can only accept up to five missions per 24 hour period, unless they have Premium Membership at which point they can accept up to nine. Missions last twelve hours after being accepted, and the pool of missions refreshes every 24 hours with the timer beginning when the character is logged into for the first time after the previous day's timer has elapsed.

To access the Missions page, interact (E by default) with a mission board in a Warpgate or aboard Sanctuary, or press the Open Mission Page hotkey (I by default) at any time.

List of Missions[]

Common Missions Bounty Hunter · Damage Control · Gaining Ground · Guerrilla Warfare · Mining for Elysium · Pushing Back · Reconnaissance · Sawbones · Surveying the Land
Uncommon Missions Ace Fighter · Battlefield Superiority · Cortium Run · Flak Attack · Galaxy of Service · Galaxy of Solidarity · Gun Game · Message Courier · NSX Weapon Eval · Skyfall on Auraxis · Skyfire · Sunderer of Service · Sunderer of Solidarity · Transport Pilot
Rare Missions Elite Squad Leader · Front Line Spawns · Operational Flexibility · Soldier and Shepherd
Campaign Side-Missions Competitive Advantage · Mineral Management · Twisting Metal
Training Missions Training: Base Capture · Training: Combat Medic · Training: Engineer · Training: Generator Sabotage · Training: Heavy Assault · Training: Infiltrator · Training: Instant Action · Training: Light Assault · Training: Man the Guns
Priority Missions Nanite Systems Job Offer
Campaign Events For events of the Distant Shores campaign, see Distant Shores.

Mission Rarities[]

Missions have several types of rarity, indicating their intended difficulty, how much time they take, how actively they ask the player to engage with them, and whether or not the player requires Premium Membership to accept them.

A mission's rarity is indicated by the small colored bar to their left-hand side in the missions page. The primary three rarities available and indicated in-game are common—with a white bar, uncommon—green bar, and rare—blue bar.

Uncommon and Rare missions can only be accepted by characters whose parent account holds Premium Membership (Icon All Access.png).

Each successive tier will increase the time taken to complete the mission, as well as include objectives players will have more actively complete, whereas lower tiered objectives may be easily completed while playing the game normally. In exchange, higher tier missions feature increased yields on all rewards.

Campaign Side-Missions[]

Campaign Side-Missions are unlockable common tier missions, available to players who have engaged in an active Campaign. They often task players with repeating objectives from campaign events. They are indicated with a white bar and feature the icon of their relevant campaign's Campaign Standing beside their name.

These missions can be contracted by either the Black Market or Nascent Expeditions, with the latter represented by a New Conglomerate logo, although rewards are not affected by the contractor in this case. Campaign side-missions always award a moderately low amount of experience points as well as Campaign Standing, and are the only source of the currency after the character has finished all campaign events.

Once unlocked, these missions are available on a daily basis until the end of the relevant campaign.

Training Missions[]

Training Missions are a variant of common tier missions, only available to characters of Battle Rank 15 or below. They task the player with engaging in the game in some way, by playing a class, using game mechanics such as Join Combat, or interacting with Generators.

Mission Rewards[]

The reward pool for a mission is based on the rarity of the mission, as well as the contractor. The contractor can be seen on the right-hand side of the mission screen.

All missions award a varied amount of Experience Points, and then an additional currency—Certification Points, ISO-4, A7, or Campaign Standing—dependant on the contractor. Each contractor will always reward the same additional currency, although the exact amount posted will vary based on the mission and rarity.

For exact reward numbers, refer to the specific mission's article.


Missions were added to the game in the October 1, 2020 Update, the Shattered Warpgate.

October 1, 2020 Update (The Shattered Warpgate)[]

  • New Mission System
    • Players now have access to an all-new Mission system that offers up daily missions players can complete for rewards.
  • What's a mission?
    • A mission is a time-limited objective that a player can take on within the game world.
    • Missions can be accepted daily by visiting a Mission Board, or opening the UI window with the "i" key by default.
    • All players can accept up to 3 missions daily, and players with active memberships can accept up to 6 each day.
  • Contractors, Rewards, and Rarities
    • Each mission is dispensed from a "Contractor" that represents one of the factions in our world. While all contractors have the ability to reward experience, boosts, and certifications, there are additional rewards offered based on the contractor.
      • Nanite Systems - Implants, ISO-4, and Nanite Systems weapons can be rewarded by completing Nanite Systems missions.
      • Black Market - Implants and A7 can be rewarded by completing Black Market missions.
      • Vanu Sovereignty, New Conglomerate, Terran Republic, and Nanite Systems Operatives - Merit and Empire Weapons (or NS for NSO,) can be rewarded by completing faction missions.
    • Missions come in a variety of rarities which represent difficulty, time investment, and intensity. The higher the rarity, the better the rewards for that mission type.
      • Training Missions
        • Players up to BR15 will receive "Training Missions" that help acclimate new players to various types of gameplay.
        • These missions also offer better-than-average rewards for the time investment.
      • Campaign Side-Missions
        • Players who are participating in the current Campaign will have access to various Campaign Side-Missions.
        • These side-missions reward Campaign Standing, in exchange for a certification buy-in.
        • Playing through the Campaign will also unlock new side-missions that have a chance to appear in your daily pool.

October 7, 2020 Update[]

  • !! Added missing localizations for various campaign and mission-related strings.
  • The recurring Campaign Side-Missions (the ones that appear in your daily mission pool) now have rewards.
  • The daily spread of mission types has been greatly modified so that there will always be a variety of playstyles in each daily pool.
  • Supply Convoy, Supply Convoy Disruption, Supply Convoy Defense, Recover Lost Intel, and Plant False Data missions have been temporarily removed from the pool. We were dissatisfied with the performance of these missions and will be fixing/tuning/replacing them in the future. We are currently also creating new missions that will be released in the next update.
  • In addition, we've made some adjustments to the reward sets that will result in more frequent ISO-4/Cert/Implant rewards overall.
  • You should no longer receive weapon rewards for weapons you already own.
  • Cloaked players can no longer contest an Elysium Mining Drill.
  • Elysium Mining Drill is now visible from much further away.

October 14, 2020 Update (Nanite of the Living Dead VII)[]

New Missions[]

We've added a handful of new missions to the pool for all players. Two of these will appear in your list each day alongside other missions.

Faction Missions[]
Black Market Missions[]
  • NSX Weapon Eval — Get kills with an NSX weapon chosen randomly from the pool. If you don't own the selected weapon, you must trial or purchase it to earn progress.

November 5, 2020 Update[]

November 20, 2020 Update (Eight Years of Wars)[]

  • Tracked missions and campaign events now show a new indicator that makes it easier to discern.
  • Made various user experience improvements to campaign and mission screens.

November 24, 2020 Hotfix[]

  • Fixed an issue where defending facilities was not properly counting progress toward the Anniversary Mission.
  • Fixed an issue where certain sidearms were not counting progress toward the Anniversary Mission. Kills with ALL sidearms should now properly count toward your progress.

December 3, 2020 Update[]

  • Daily mission versions of "Enabling Construction," "Continued Preparations," and "Crystal Stalker" now expire after 12 hours as intended.
  • Fixed an issue where Training Missions were being granted to low-rank A.S.P. characters.

December 16, 2020 Update (Auraximas 2020)[]

Holiday Missions[]

Auraximas is about giving, and new daily missions have been added for you to share your generosity with the various vendors and personnel on Sanctuary. In addition, each of these completed missions contributes to a new holiday directive!

Misc. Changes, Fixes, and Additions[]
  • Sawbones mission now includes Shield Recharging experience as an option alongside Healing experience.

January 6, 2021 Update[]

February 9, 2021 Update (Outfit Wars Returns)[]

Matchmaker Missions: Up to two Matchmaker missions will appear in your list each day, providing progress in the Valentine's Day directive tree... as well as making someone feel loved and appreciated.

February 17, 2021 Update[]

  • Fixed a typo in the "Matchmaker: Adventure" mission.

July 1, 2021 Update (_Integration)[]

New Missions[]
  • Four new vehicle-based mission options with multiple rarities and difficulties associated with them, and one of these will appear in the mission pool each day.
Misc. Changes, Fixes, and Additions[]