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NSX-A Kuwa
NSX Yumi
Unlike its Yumi predecessor, the NSX Kuwa will, after a short windup, release a torrent of accurate, high caliber rounds down range until the trigger is released. This weapon is a hybrid rifle, available to Engineer, Combat Medic, and Heavy Assault classes.
Cert Cost: N/A Icon resource certpoints 25x25
DC Cost: N/A Icon Daybreak Cash
General Info
Empire: Icon NSO
Can Use: Icon Combat MedicIcon EngineerIcon Heavy Assault
Weapon Type: Hybrid Rifle
Fire Rate: 750 RPM
Muzzle Velocity: 500m/s
Effective Range: Medium
Fire Modes: Auto
Headshot Multiplier: 2x
ADS Move Speed Multiplier: 0.5x
Max Damage: 150 before 10m
Min Damage: 125 after 90m
Reload Speed
Short Reload: 2
Long Reload: 2.75
Magazine Size: 30
Ammunition Pool: 210
Hip Aim
Crouch Still: 2 0.03
Move: 2.25 0.15
Stand Still: 2.5 0.03
Move: 3 0.15
Bloom per Shot: 0.12 0.05
Vertical: 0.22
Horizontal, Min/Max: 0.18/0.18
Horizontal Tolerance: 0.2
Angle Min/Max: 6°/6°
Bias: ← = →
Recoil Decrease: 16
First Shot Recoil Multiplier: 0x
Data Sources
Census API source: NSX-A Kuwa API Data?

The NSX-A Kuwa is a auraxium version of common pool Assault Rifle NSX Yumi, from Nanite Systems Export series.

It is available for completing the Master tier of Assault Weapons directive for the NSO.

Damage with Range:

  • 150 @ 10 meters
  • 143 @ 55 meters
  • 125 @ 90 meters


Available attachments
HS/NV Scope (1x) Nanite Systems' HS/NV scope has no magnification, but provides high contrast outlines to nearby objects and illuminates nearby soldiers.
Ns weapon scope hsnv scope
30Icon resource certpoints 25x25 50Icon Daybreak Cash
NiCO (1x) The Illuminated Combat Optic Line of gunsights from Nanite Systems are praised for their ability to quickly acquire targets in close quarters combat situations.
More reticles for this scope available, see full article.
Icon WeaponAttachment Common ReflexSight 001
30Icon resource certpoints 25x25 50Icon Daybreak Cash
NiCO XR (2x) Many soldiers choose Nanite Systems' popular illuminated Combat Optic series over stock iron sights for superior target acquisition in both close quarters and low-light situations.
More reticles for this scope available, see full article.
Icon WeaponAttachment Common ReflexSight 002
30Icon resource certpoints 25x25 50Icon Daybreak Cash
NiSGO (3.4x) Nanite Systems launched the NiSGO gun optic much to the delight of designated marksmen across Auraxis. The NiSGO utilize a triple chevron reticule with 3.4x magnification.
Icon WeaponAttachment NS Scope4x 003
30Icon resource certpoints 25x25 50Icon Daybreak Cash
LANS (3.4x) Nanite Systems' laser-assisted gunsight is perfect for situations that need a little more range than a standard reflex scope. The LANS uses a simple red dot reticule with 3.4x magnification.
Icon WeaponAttachment NS Scope4x 004
30Icon resource certpoints 25x25 50Icon Daybreak Cash
Barrel Attachments
No Barrel Attachments available.
Rail Attachments
No Rail Attachments available.
No Ammo available.

Effectiveness Edit

Theoretical Time To Kill
Infantry Body part 0m 10m 90m
Normal Suit Normal Suit
Icon Light AssaultInfantry Head 0.24s 0.26s - 0.42s -
Torso 0.48s 0.5s 0.66s 0.74s 0.9s
Icon InfiltratorInfiltrator Head 0.16s 0.26s - 0.42s -
Torso 0.4s 0.42s 0.58s 0.74s 0.82s
Icon MAXMAX Head 2.64s 2.66s - 3.3s -
Torso 5.28s 5.3s 6.66s 6.5s 8.1s
Versus Infantry
Infantry Body part Shots to Kill
Before 10m After 90m
Icon Light AssaultInfantry Head 4 4
Torso 7(9) 8(10)
Legs 8(10) 9(12)
Icon InfiltratorInfiltrator Head 3 4
Torso 6(8) 8(9)
Legs 7(9) 8(10)
Icon MAXMAX Head 34 40
Torso 67(84) 80(100)
Legs 75(93) 89(112)
Versus Vehicles
Vehicle Armor Facing Shots to Kill
Before 10m After 90m
Flash DiagramFlash - 50 (on fire @ 40) 60 (on fire @ 48)
Composite Armor 5 - 65 (on fire @ 52) 78 (on fire @ 63)
Harasser DiagramHarasser - 129 (on fire @ 103) 154 (on fire @ 124)
Composite Armor 5 - 154 (on fire @ 124) 185 (on fire @ 148)
Sunderer DiagramSunderer - Immune
Blockade Armor 5 - Immune
Deployment Shield 4 - Immune
ANT DiagramANT - Immune
Lightning DiagramLightning Front/Top Immune
Prowler DiagramProwler Front/Top Immune
Magrider DiagramMagrider Front/Top Immune
Vanguard DiagramVanguard Front/Top Immune
Mosquito DiagramReaver DiagramScythe DiagramESF - 80 (on fire @ 64) 96 (on fire @ 77)
Composite Armor 5 - 88 (on fire @ 71) 106 (on fire @ 85)
Valkyrie DiagramValkyrie Front/Side/Top/Rear 200 (on fire @ 160) 240 (on fire @ 192)
Bottom 400 (on fire @ 320) 480 (on fire @ 384)
Composite Armor 5 Front/Side/Top/Rear 230 (on fire @ 184) 276 (on fire @ 221)
Bottom 460 (on fire @ 368) 552 (on fire @ 442)
Liberator DiagramLiberator - Immune
Composite Armor 5 - Immune
Galaxy DiagramGalaxy - Immune
Composite Armor 5 - Immune
Bastion Fleet Carrier DiagramBastion Weak Point - Immune

Ribbons and MedalsEdit

It is possible to get both Ribbons and Medals for using the NSX-A Kuwa. Each Ribbon is a standard reward for achieving a set amount of kills with the NSX-A Kuwa. Medals relate to how many overall kills you have with the NSX-A Kuwa.


Ribbon Icon Requirements
NSX-A Kuwa Service Ribbon
Assault Rifle Ribbon
10 kills.

See more available ribbons on the Service Ribbons page.


Medal Icon Requirements Certification Rewards
No Medal
Medal Empty
0 kill No Reward
Copper Medal
Medal Copper
10 kills 2 Icon resource certpoints 25x25
Silver Medal
Medal Silver
60 kills 10 Icon resource certpoints 25x25
Gold Medal
Medal Gold
160 kills 20 Icon resource certpoints 25x25
Auraxium Medal
Medal Araxium
1160 kills 200 Icon resource certpoints 25x25

History Edit

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