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NS CandyCannon 3000
NS CandyCannon 3000
Originally designed as an office toy for long-range candy corn delivery, Nanite Systems' Indar office branch quickly went out of business after the public experienced firsthand the folly of firing the world's hardest substance out of a 'toy' gun.
Cert Cost: 1000 Icon resource certpoints 25x25
DC Cost: 699 Icon Daybreak Cash
General Info
Empire: Icon NS
Can Use: Icon InfiltratorIcon Light AssaultIcon Combat MedicIcon EngineerIcon Heavy Assault
Weapon Type: Pistols
Fire Rate: 200 RPM
Muzzle Velocity: 100m/s
Effective Range: Short
Fire Modes: Single Shot
Max Damage: 300 before 10m
Min Damage: 150 after 50m
Reload Speed
Short Reload: 2.5s
Long Reload: 2.5s
Magazine Size: 3
Ammunition Pool: 27
Crouch Still: 1
Move: 1.5
Stand Still: 1
Move: 1.5
Bloom per Shot: 0.28
Data Sources
Census API source: NS CandyCannon 3000 API Data?
Note: Only available during Nanite of the Living Dead event.

The NS CandyCannon 3000 is a Nanite System sidearm available only during Nanite of the Living Dead event. Unlike NS Patriot Flare Gun, it's slightly more effective in combat.

It shoots a green, then a red light, within three different kind of candies- wrapped candy, gumy bears and coke bottles.

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