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Nanite Revive Grenade
Nanite Revive Grenade Cert Image
Upon detonation, this Revive Grenade releases a swarm of Rebirth nanites capable of healing fallen allies to 50% health.
2.5 second fuse.
Usable By: Icon Combat Medic
Resource Cost: 75Icon resource nanites 128
Max Stock: 40

The Nanite Revive Grenade is a grenade available to the Combat Medic. It is unlocked through Certification Points.

The fuse is on a 2.5 second timer, and it will detonate to begin reviving all allies within line-of-sight at a range of ten meters. The Nanite Revive Grenade can only revive up to ten people per detonation, and cannot revive the player that threw it, nor can it revive MAXes.

Players revived by this grenade will revive shieldless with half their health (250 health, or 500 with Carapace), and will have to incur the shield recharge delay.

Like most other support grenades (those with non-lethal effects), the Nanite Revive Grenade will not show itself on the HUD of nearby players.

To throw a Nanite Revive Grenade, press the Use Grenade hotkey (G by default). You will throw it using your right arm after a short animation.


Cost Description
400 Icon resource certpoints 25x25 Nanite Revive Grenades revive nearby friendly soldiers upon detonation.

History Edit

  • January 15, 2020 Update
    • Reduce detonation time by 1 second to increase responsiveness.
    • The thrower no longer receives a UI notification in an attempt to revive yourself.
    • NSO Defector units are no longer revivable with Revive Grenades.

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