Nanite Systems Operatives (NS Ops or NSOs for short), also known as Nanite Systems Combat Units (NS-CUs), are a playable faction in PlanetSide 2. The faction was announced during the 6th anniversary developer livestream on November 20, 2018. It is designed for veteran players and may only be playable by those with Daybreak All Access Membership. NS Ops are not a faction in the typical sense; they are a robotic unit made by Nanite Systems, and contracted out to the other three factions, the Terran Republic, New Conglomerate, and Vanu Sovereignty. Once chosen, the player is designated to the lowest populated faction on the current continent. NS Ops only have access to NS weapons, and have NSX weapons by default.

Javelin[edit | edit source]

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A new prototype for speedy personal transport and reconnaissance across the battlefield, the Javelin features built-in turbo and strafing capabilities. Whether outflanking an enemy position or escaping a hairy situation, glide with speed and grace in this hovercycle designed for quick infantry transport across any variety of combat terrain. An open rumble seat allows for one additional passenger, and while it is not innately equipped with offensive weaponry, it has a variety of defensive and utility options.

Defector[edit | edit source]

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A new combat unit has entered the battlefield! Though it's uncertain who is behind its creation, this hijacked robotic husk is wired with explosives, and appears devoid of the typical moral restraints that come with Nanite Systems sanctioned operators. With an increased health pool, built-in grenade launcher, deadly melee capabilities, and two utilities - a bubble shield that protects nearby allies, or a powerful time bomb - the Defector can annihilate entire squads in close-range combat without springing a gear. Be wary of its generator lights: that means its abilities are active!

Nanite Systems has noted an uptick in missing combat units, and would like to remind all leaseholders that tampering with, disabling, or otherwise preventing the return of these units is unauthorized, and will result in immediate contract termination.

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