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Night Vision Scopes are a range of 1x magnification (Icon NS.png/Icon NSO.png or 6x magnification) scopes that, while the user is looking through them, show the world infrared, highlighting infantry and vehicles alike while providing high contrast outlines on nearby objects.

Night vision scopes, typically referred to as IRNV or Infrared Night Vision, allow users to see infantry and vehicles a lot easier than they typically would be able to, by highlighting them in an incredibly vivid yellow-white colour. However, in exchange, the sight reduces enemies simply to their silhouettes, forcing users to rely solely on the markers over allies head to identify friendlies from foes.

In addition to highlighting infantry and vehicles at all times, IRNV optics also allow the user to see through any smoke effects as if they simply did not exist, such as those created by Smoke Grenades or an Underbarrel Smoke Launcher. On the flip side of this, IRNV optics fully prevent the user from seeing any cloaked targets, regardless of the source or strength of their cloak, with those players only showing up whenever they shimmer thanks to being shot.

The final sight-related disadvantage of IRNV optics are that they heavily reduce the maximum distance to which the user can see. Whereas players can typically see out as far as their render range at any other time, IRNV optics cause targets to begin to fade to a darker colour within approximately 50 meters, with a dark haze quickly overtaking anything further out than around 100 meters. For the higher magnification IRNV scopes, these ranges are roughly 100 meters and 200 meters.

One minor effect of note is that the user's own tracers and muzzle flash will not appear in the sight. Finally, due to their increased size in comparison to typical Reflex Sights, IRNV optics take 100ms longer to pull up to the user's eye.

 Daybreak Cash As with all other attachments, if any instance of this attachment is purchased with Daybreak Cash it will still only be available for the specific weapon it was unlocked for, however it will be available on other characters who can use that same weapon.

Terran Republic[]

TSO Optics[]

TSO-series night vision scopes are only available on 'Trident' series weaponry, such as the MG-S1 Jackal and MG-A1 Arbalest.

This Terran field optic has no magnification, and highlights nearby vehicles and infantry by using infrared signatures. It's used primarily at medium-close range in low-light conditions.
Empire: Icon TR.png Terran Republic
Cert Cost: 30  Certification Points
DC Cost: 29  Daybreak Cash

New Conglomerate[]

RNGTEK Optics[]

RNGTEK night vision scopes are only available on Modular Gauss Rifle variants, such as the MGR-S1 Gladius and MGR-A1 Vanquisher.

Nx1 (1x)
Nx1 (1x).png
RNGTEK's Nx1 nightvision optic provides an advantage in low-light conditions, illuminating nearby targets.
Empire: Icon NC.png New Conglomerate
Cert Cost: 30  Certification Points
DC Cost: 29  Daybreak Cash

Vanu Sovereignty[]

Corona Optics[]

Corona night vision scopes are only available on Vanu Esamir's Corona series of weaponry, such as the VE-S Canis and VE-A Lacerta.

Corona IR
Corona IR (VS IRNV).png
The Corona Infrared optic has no magnification, but highlights nearby targets to aid the shooter in low-light scenarios.
Empire: Icon VS.png Vanu Sovereignty
Cert Cost: 30  Certification Points
DC Cost: 29  Daybreak Cash

Nanite Systems[]

HS/NV Scope[]

Nanite Systems' HS/NV Scope is available on the vast majority of primary weaponry, including those developed by the three empires.

HS/NV Scope (1x)
Ns weapon scope hsnv scope.png
Nanite Systems' HS/NV scope has no magnification, but provides high contrast outlines to nearby objects and illuminates nearby soldiers.
Empire: Icon NS.png Nanite Systems
Cert Cost: 30  Certification Points
DC Cost: 49  Daybreak Cash

DV6 (6x)[]

The Deep Vision night vision scope is only available on select Nanite Systems weaponry, currently limited to the NS-30 Tranquility and NSX Daimyo. The weapon's cert purchase option is replaced with an A7 purchase option on the Tranquility, requiring 30 A7 to purchase.

DV6 (6x)
Seer-6 (6x).png
The Deep Vision 6x scope highlights targets in infrared beyond ranges of normal infantry optics, though target acquisition is significantly slower.
Empire: Icon NS.png Nanite Systems
Cert Cost: 100  Certification Points
DC Cost: 49  Daybreak Cash

Raycast IRNV[]

The Raycast IRNV is currently only available on the PSA-02 Diamondback.

Raycast IRNV (1x)
Raycast IRNV (1x).png
The Raycast infrared/nightvision optic highlights infantry targets at close range, allowing for better performance in dimly lit engagements.
Empire: Icon NS.png Nanite Systems
Cert Cost: 30  Certification Points
DC Cost: 49  Daybreak Cash

Groomer IR[]

The Groomer IR is currently only available on the NS-66 Punisher.

Groomer IR (1x)
Groomer IR (1x).png
This compact infrared optic relays heat signatures to the display screen, illuminating enemies and dimming the background.
Empire: Icon NS.png Nanite Systems
Cert Cost: 30  Certification Points
DC Cost: 29  Daybreak Cash


The V-IR is available to Endeavor primary weapons from the Eighth Anniversary Bundle.

V-IR (1x)
V-IR (1x).png
This infrared optic illuminates targets even in lightless conditions, making it popular when boarding derelict space vessels.
Empire: Icon NS.png Nanite Systems
Cert Cost: 30  Certification Points
DC Cost: 49  Daybreak Cash

Nanite Systems Operatives[]

O3-6 IR (6x)[]

The O3-6 IR scope is only available on select weapons available to Nanite Systems Operatives, currently limited to the ADVX // Mako.

Besides magnification, this scope is visually identical to the O3-10 (10x) and O3-12 (12x), although they do not share the same infrared capabilities as the O3-6 IR (6x).

O3-6 IR (6x)
O3-6 IR (6x).png
This infrared variant of the O3 will highlight infantry at medium engagement ranges, and is useful for night-time skirmishes.
Empire: Icon NSO.png Nanite Systems Operatives
Cert Cost: 30  Certification Points
DC Cost: 29  Daybreak Cash


  • Though some instances of this attachment refer to themselves solely as night vision scopes, whereas other specify the ability to see in infrared, all variants share the same infrared highlighting functionality as each other.