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The Armory is an outfit-specific function that grants outfits access to War Assets, a selection of calldowns, deployables, and other related benefits.

The armory screen can be accessed by an member of an outfit by opening up the Outfit page, which can be accessed at the bottom of the menu or by pressing the Open Outfit Page key (O by default) at any time, then navigating to the Armory tab located at the top of the screen.

The armory screen displays an outfit's current resources, resource income, and their current weight, and finally the full list of War Assets plus the outfit's current stock of each individual asset.

Past simply viewing the screen, players require the requisite permissions within their outfit to interact with the armory.

List of Armory Items[]


To craft War Assets, an outfit must first acquire Resources. Three different types of resources are currently available—Auraxium ( Auraxium), Synthium ( Synthium), and Polystellarite ( Polystellarite)—each acquired either from capturing a wide variety of bases, or through expeditions. Each resource is rarer than the last in turn, requiring outfits to capture trickier bases or undertake more valuable expeditions to earn.

Each War Asset has a crafting cost tied to it, where an outfit must pay that amount of the listed resource to craft one unit of the War Asset (or three, in the case of facility modules). Typically, the amount and type of a resource needed to craft a War Asset is based on the asset's strength, with assets perceived to be stronger requiring more and rarer resources.

Base Ownership Income[]

When an outfit is the dominant contributor to the capture of a base—that is, the combined scoreboard score total of their top ten contributing members outweighs that of any other outfit at a base captured by their faction—they will receive ownership of that base so long as it remains in the hands of their faction and the continent does not lock.

For every 5 minutes the outfit is in ownership of that base, often referred to as a 'tick', they will receive the quantity of resources appropriate to that base type. If an outfit was present for the capture of a base, even if they did not successfully earn ownership, they receive one tick of that bases' resources immediately.

If the outfit's faction wins an Alert on that continent, they immediately receive five ticks worth of resources from all bases they own, reduced to three if it was an unstable alert.

Base Ownership Income
Facility Type Capture Control (/min)
Outpost Auraxium Auraxium
Large Outpost 25 Auraxium Auraxium
Construction Outpost Synthium 0.6 Synthium
Tech Plant Synthium 1.6 Synthium
Bio Lab Synthium 1.6 Synthium
Amp Station Synthium 1.6 Synthium
Containment Site Synthium 1.6 Synthium
Central Facility Polystellarite 0.4 Polystellarite


Outfit members with the requisite permissions can engage Expeditions in the armory, consuming a quantity of Auraxium ( Auraxium) or Synthium ( Synthium) to 'craft' an expedition with a 'crafting' time ranging between 12 to 36 hours.

Expeditions, based on the type of resource consumed and the duration, reward a quantity of Synthium ( Synthium) or Polystellarite ( Polystellarite), which must be claimed by an outfit member with the requisite permissions from the representitive in the Nascent Expeditions shop on Sanctuary.

Only one expedition can be active at any given time, and an outfit can only keep one of each expedition unclaimed at a time.

Resource Duration Input Output Duration
Short 50 Auraxium 35 Synthium 12 hours
Medium 100 Auraxium 75 Synthium 24 hours
Long 150 Auraxium 150 Synthium 36 hours
Short 25 Synthium Polystellarite 12 hours
Medium 50 Synthium 15 Polystellarite 24 hours
Long 75 Synthium 30 Polystellarite 36 hours

War Assets[]

War Assets are a large catalog of calldowns, deployables, and other related benefits that can be used by outfits to secure an edge on the battlefield in a variety of ways.

War Assets must be crafted, consuming resources and incurring a crafting time, before they can be used, and outfits are restricted both on the amount of specific assets they can store at once, as well as the amount of more impactful assets they can store as a whole.

To craft or use War Assets, players require the requisite permissions for the specific type of War Asset within their outfit. Typically, the permissions separate the assets into their levels of rarity.

War Assets demand two things of an outfit to be crafted. Firstly, the outfit must have the resources demanded by the asset. Secondly, the outfit's Weight must remain below 300 after the crafting of the asset finishes.

There are three types of War Asset—global, Auraxis-only, and facility modules. Each has certain restrictions on how and where it can be used. VR continents, such as the VR Training Facility, do not allow the usage of any type of War Asset.


Global assets have little restrictions on their usage, only requiring that they are used on any warzone continent—Indar, Esamir, Amerish, Hossin, or Desolation.

Name Description Build Cost Build Time Weight Limit
A.N.V.I.L. (Light) Deploys a terminal capable of spawning one Flash or Javelin. Auraxium 1 second 1 48
A.N.V.I.L. (Medium) Deploys a terminal capable of spawning one Harasser, ANT, or Lightning. 25 Auraxium 2 minutes 5 12
A.N.V.I.L. (Heavy) Deploys a terminal capable of spawning one Sunderer or Main Battle Tank. 50 Auraxium 5 minutes 10 6
Steel Rain Automatically redeploys everyone in your Squad (Who are on continent and not in a vehicle) into droppods and drops them on a pin-pointed location on the map. Can only be used by a Squad leader. 15 Synthium 15 minutes 25 4
Orbital Strike Calls down an orbital strike on the target location. 75 Synthium / 15 Polystellarite 15 minutes 75 2
Citadel Shield Deploys a massive bubble shield that blocks projectiles from both directions. 25 Synthium 15 minutes 50 3
Colossus Heavy Tank The Colossus is a heavy tank armed with a dynamic Mammoth Cannon primary weapon and four secondary weapons for defense. In addition, the Colossus can deploy into an anti-air skylance battery capable of piercing the hull of a Bastion Fleet Carrier and damaging its weak points. 15 Polystellarite 30 minutes 25 4


Auraxis-only assets, as the name implies, can only be used on warzone continents on AuraxisIndar, Esamir, Amerish, or Hossin.

Bastion components must be crafted in the order they are presented, one-by-one, and all four must be crafted in order to craft a Bastion Fleet Carrier, which will consume them. Bastion components cannot be crafted while the outfit has a Bastion Fleet Carrier in stock.

Name Description Build Cost Build Time Weight Limit
Bastion Fleet Carrier Deploys a pilotable Bastion Fleet Carrier that acts as a mobile spawn for everyone in your outfit. Can carry up to 48 players, and is equipped with automated cannons and 9 gunner seats. Can only be destroyed by hitting the 8 weakpoints and cannot be repaired. Upon ejection, every player aboard spawns as an Interceptor class Empire Specific Fighter. Only one per faction may be spawned per map at any given time. - 1 hour 0 1
Bastion Components
Response Vehicles
- 10 Polystellarite 12 hours 0 1
Hull Reconstruction
- 15 Polystellarite 12 hours 0 1
Support Systems
- 20 Polystellarite 12 hours 0 1
Rearm and Refuel
- 25 Polystellarite 12 hours 0 1

Facility Modules[]

Facility Modules are unique assets that can be temporarily installed on bases owned by the outfit's faction to provide a wide variety of benefits to all members of the outfit's faction who are in that base.

All facility modules share the same crafting costs and time, with the crafting process creating five copies of each module, and will last for twenty minutes after being installed.

After being installed, modules can be extended through the same process as installation, up to a maximum duration of 60 minutes. The outfit that first installed any active module will be credited with doing so on the scoreboard, even if it is extended by another outfit. If a base with active facility modules is captured by another faction, all active modules will immediately be removed.

Facility Modules that discount the Nanite cost of a vehicle will stack additively with the appropriate A.S.P. skill for that vehicle, allowing for a potential 50% discount to the Nanite costs of vehicles of that type.

Name Description Build Cost Build Time Weight Limit
Infantry Health Regen All friendly soldiers in the region of the installed facility gain a small amount of over time health regeneration. 10 Auraxium 5 minutes 0 60
Phalanx Auto-Repair Phalanx Turrets at the facility automatically repair damage over time. 10 Auraxium 5 minutes 0 60
Phalanx Combat Phalanx Turrets at the facility gain infrared zoom optics and can fire for longer before overheating. 10 Auraxium 5 minutes 0 60
Light Vehicle Discount Harassers and Flashes cost 30% fewer nanites when pulled from the target facility. 10 Auraxium 5 minutes 0 60
Mobile Armor Discount Lightnings and Main Battle Tanks cost 30% fewer nanites when pulled from the target facility. 10 Auraxium 5 minutes 0 60
Support Vehicle Discount Sunderers and ANTs cost 30% fewer nanites when pulled from the target facility. 10 Auraxium 5 minutes 0 60
Light Aircraft Discount Valkyries and Fighters cost 30% fewer nanites when pulled from the target facility. 10 Auraxium 5 minutes 0 60
Heavy Aircraft Discount Liberators and Galaxies cost 30% fewer nanites when pulled from the target facility. 10 Auraxium 5 minutes 0 60


  • March 11, 2020 Update (Escalation)
    • Added to the game.
      • Ever wanted to call in some vehicle support from orbit? Outfits are now equipped with new tools to impact the flow of battle, offer more strategic control, and add depth and variety to every soldier's gameplay experience.
      • These War Assets are crafted on the new the Outfit Armory page using resources your Outfit has secured through battle. Some example assets include:
        • Steel Rain: Deploy your entire squad in a coordinated drop pod assault anywhere on the map.
        • Citadel Shield: A massive projectile-blocking bubble shield encases the area, providing room to advance, or defense against an incoming assault.
        • A.N.V.I.L.: Airdrop a vehicle of your choosing to reinforce your defenses, or mobilize your allies.
        • Orbital Satellite Uplink: Call for an Orbital Strike at your target location to crack an enemy armor column.
      • War Assets take time and resources to craft, and Outfit leaders will have the ability to grant privileges to their Outfit members to craft and/or deploy these Assets and turn the tides of battle!
      • In addition, we've given Outfits the ability to control which ranks are allowed to craft and use different assets of different types, and we've added three new customizeable ranks for added control.
  • March 13, 2020 Hotfix
    • Outfit resource accrual now updates correctly an owned facility is lost.
  • March 17, 2020 Hotfix
    • Fixed an issue where the “Craft” button could be unavailable because resource counts were displaying in the UI incorrectly.
      • Dev Note: There may still be an issue where some Outfits are prevented from crafting altogether despite having full resources. This update includes additional debug information that will help our developers track down the root cause.
    • NSO Outfits now receive Auraxium for participating in base captures, as intended.
    • Fixed type in the Polystellarite tooltip.
  • March 25, 2020 Update
    • Introduced additional logging, and speculative fixes for various issues related to War Asset crafting.
    • Outfit decal no longer disappears when crafting War Assets.
  • April 15, 2020 Update (Tactical Improvements)
    • Outfit Resources
      • Outfits now require a minimum participation score (combined between members) of 3000 before receiving base capture resource rewards. Outfits who capture the base now receive their first tick of resources over time immediately.
    • Outfit Armory
      • Outfits now have access to the "Bastion" permission type, and all Bastion-related components now use this permission instead of Expedition permissions.
      • Overclocking assets can no longer be done by players who do not posses the correct permissions.
    • War Assets
      • We've made our first round of adjustments to War Assets to make them more accessible to Outfits, and adjusted pricing based on their relative desirability in-game:
        • Steel Rain
          • When Steel Rain is activated, a swirling maelstrom now appears above the location, visually indicating the drop zone.
          • Polystellarite cost from 5 to 0.
          • Synthium cost from 50 to 25.
        • Orbital Strike
          • Maximum held count from 3 to 2.
          • Polystellarite cost from 3 to 5.
        • Citadel Shield
          • Weight from 75 to 50.
          • Auraxium from 100 to 75.
          • Polystellarite cost from 3 to 0.
        • ANVIL (Light)
          • Auraxium cost from 20 to 15.
          • Synthium cost from 2 to 0.
        • ANVIL (Medium)
          • Auraxium cost from 50 to 25.
          • Synthium cost from 10 to 3.
        • ANVIL (Heavy)
          • Auraxium cost from 100 to 75.
          • Synthium cost from 25 to 10.
    • Expeditions
      • Length of each expedition has been cut in half.
      • Expedition (Short) from 24 hours to 12 hours.
      • Expedition (Medium) from 48 hours to 24 hours.
      • Expedition (Long) from 72 hours to 36 hours.
    • Bastion
      • Crafting Adjustments
        • Each piece of the Bastion now crafts in 6 hours, opposed to 12 prior.
        • Pieces of the Bastion must now be crafted in the following order.
          • Hull Reconstitution
          • Support Systems
          • Rearm and Refuel
          • Response Vehicles
        • Dev Note: The intention of these changes are to create a buffer of time where resources won't feel "wasted" if they're not going directly toward funding a Bastion. This does slow the rate at which a Bastion can be pulled for those outfits who can easily harvest resources, and we can readjust again in the future if Bastions appear too infrequently on the battlefield.
  • April 29, 2020 Update
    • The TAB battle scoreboard now only tallies score that contributes to a base capture, and ignores exempt experience types.
    • The minimum score required to award resources when a base is captured reduced from 3000 to 1000.
  • June 17, 2020 Update (Enter: Colossus)
    • The Colossus Heavy Tank added to the game.
    • Outfits now have access to a "Logs" page that keeps track of notable Outfit events, like recruiting members, crafting and deploying War Assets, and capturing bases for your outfit.
    • Facility Modules
      • We've expanded upon the War Asset system to bring a new type of strategic element to Auraxis.
      • Outfits can now craft Facility Modules that impart region-wide benefits, and most previously existing facility benefits have been rolled into this new feature.
      • Current Facility Modules available:
        • Phalanx Auto-Repair - Phalanx turrets installed at this base will repair themselves overtime. Even when destroyed or under attack.
        • Infantry Health Regen - While in the region, allied soldiers gain passive health regeneration.
        • Light Vehicle Discount - Harasser assault buggies and Flash ATVs cost 30% less Nanites when pulled from this facility.
        • Support Vehicle Discount - Sunderers and ANTs cost 30% less Nanites when pulled from this facility.
        • Mobile Armor Discount - Lightnings and Main Battle Tanks cost 30% less Nanites when pulled from this facility.
        • Light Aircraft Discount - Empire Specific Fighters and Valkyrie Aircraft cost 30% less Nanites when pulled from this facility.
        • Heavy Aircraft Discount - Liberator Gunships and Galaxy Air Transports cost 30% less Nanites when pulled from this facility.
        • Phalanx Combat Improvements - Phalanx turrets at the facility gain infrared zoom optics and can fire for longer before overheating
      • As a part of this feature's introduction, we've adjusted the rules for spawning MBT and Liberator.
        • Liberators and Main Battle Tanks no longer rely on the Tech Plant benefit to be pulled.
        • Liberators can now always be pulled from Outposts with Air Pads available.
        • Main Battle Tanks can now only be pulled from Large Outposts and Facilities.
      • Assets are deployed through the Waypoint System.
      • You can see which benefits are active at a facility through the TAB key scoreboard.
    •  !! Fixed an issue preventing players without Outfits to show their base capture score.
    • Using a War Asset should no longer show a pop-up notification.
    • Orbital Strike War Asset tooltip now displays the correct max count.
  • June 18, 2020 Hotfix
    • Fixed a bug that would allow NSO characters to remote pull the Colossus, causing them to spawn in dead with a bad camera angle. NSO should no longer be able to remote pull the Colossus Tank.
  • July 8, 2020 Update
    • Fixed an exploit used to obtain infinite outfit resources in Sanctuary.
  • July 16, 2020 Update
    • Optimized performance and bandwidth usage of War Assets and Bastion Fleet Carrier. Please report any noteworthy changes in behavior with these features.
  • October 1, 2020 Update (The Shattered Warpgate)
    • War Assets Cost Overhaul
      • Changes to Map-based Resource Gain
        • Upon a successful capture, bases award their full resource value to any participating outfits above a contribution threshold of 1000 score.
        • Outfits who own a base continue to gain resource ticks over time once every 5 minutes, (no changes from Live.)
        • Sanctuary no longer offers resource trading.
        • Expeditions have been retooled to provide larger resource drops with a consistent conversion.
        • Assets can no longer be Overclocked at all. This is an experiment to see if the slowed pacing, coupled with the resource changes below, result in more diverse war asset usage.
      • War Assets now have resource type associations drawn more exclusively with their desirability.
      • Auraxium-based Assets:
        • Light ANVIL
          • 5 Auraxium for 3 ANVILs
        • Medium ANVIL
          • 25 Auraxium
        • Heavy ANVIL
          • 50 Auraxium
        • Facility Modules
          • 10 Auraxium for 5 modules
          • Duration from 10 minutes to 20 minutes.
          • Weight from 5 to 0.
      • Synthium-based Assets:
        • Citadel Shield
          • 25 Synthium
        • Steel Rain
          • 15 Synthium
          • Weight from 50 to 25
          • Crafting time from 30 minutes to 15 minutes.
        • Orbital Strike
          • 75 Synthium
      • Polystellarite-based Assets
        • Bastion Fleet Carrier
          • Time to craft per asset increased to 12 hours per piece.
          • 25 Polystellarite
          • 20 Polystellarite
          • 15 Polystellarite
          • 10 Polystellarite
        • Colossus Tank
          • 15 Polystellarite
      • Expedition Values:
        • Synthium Short
          • Cost from 100 Auraxium to 50 Auraxium
          • Yield from 25-35 to 35 Synthium
        • Synthium Medium
          • Cost from 150 Auraxium to 100 Auraxium
          • Yield from 50-70 to 75 Synthium
        • Synthium Long
          • Cost from 200 Auraxium to 150 Auraxium
          • Yield from 75-105 to 150 Synthium
        • Polystellarite Short
          • Cost from 50 Synthium to 25 Synthium
          • Yield from 5-7 to 7
        • Polystellarite Medium
          • Cost from 75 Synthium to 50 Synthium
          • Yield from 10-14 to 15
        • Polystellarite Long
          • Cost from 100 Synthium to 75 Synthium
          • Yield from 15-21 to 30
    • Colossus now generates outfit logs when crafted or spawned.
  • November 2, 2020 Hotfix
    • Fixed an issue with vehicle discounts (like from ASP, and presumably facility modules) that weren't letting you pull until you had enough nanites for the base resource cost. When you pulled the vehicle, it deducted the proper discounted amount of nanites, but were gated from pulling the vehicle altogether until you met that base cost.
  • February 9, 2021 Update (Outfit Wars Returns)
    • Made some minor adjustments to weights, crafting times, and costs to encourage use of some of the smaller assets, and bumped the cost of Orbital Strikes. We'll likely be taking another look at expeditions in the future.
      • Heavy A.N.V.I.L.
        • Weight from 25 to 10
      • Medium A.N.V.I.L.
        • Weight from 15 to 5
        • Crafting time reduced from 5 minutes to 2 minutes.
      • Light A.N.V.I.L.
        • Weight from 5 to 1
        • Reduced the number created per crafting attempt from 3 to 1
        • Crafting time reduced from 5 minutes to 1 second.
      • Orbital Strike
        • Polystellarite cost from 0 to 15