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Welcome to the official DGC PlanetSide 2 Wiki Community.
PlanetSide 2 is a massively multiplayer online first person shooter where players align with one of three unique empires. Join thousands of simultaneous players in intense infantry, air, and ground vehicle gameplay. This wiki is dedicated to providing the community with tools to discuss the ever evolving universe of PlanetSide.


Bloodhit111 Bloodhit111 24 days ago

NSO Integration Update

With new NSO weapons, NSO vehicles and ever changing faction loyalties, now is the time to join the ranks within the Nanite Systems Operatives.

There have been some changes to how the NSO operate in PlanetSide 2, read about it below.

"Freelance" statu…

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Aysom Aysom 23 June

Chimera Main Battle Tank

The Chimera will be dispatched to provide a heavily armored ground combat platform for the Nanite Systems Operatives faction when the NSOverhaul releases.

A pilot-operated main cannon and forward-mounted secondary turret are complemented by four rumb…

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Aysom Aysom 15 June

The Dervish Heavy Fighter

One of two vehicles being released with the NSOverhaul update is the Dervish Heavy Fighter, an air vehicle available to the Nanite Systems Operatives faction.

Unlike its Empire Specific Fighter (ESF) counterparts, the Dervish is a two-seat vehicle th…

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Bloodhit111 Bloodhit111 4 June

NSOverhaul Progress

We're getting closer and closer to one of our largest updates this year, one that drew a lot of community excitement during the announcement back in November. Today we'll take a moment to talk about what's on the way for the Nanite Systems Operative…

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Bloodhit111 Bloodhit111 20 May

Eighteen Years of PlanetSide

Since the launch of the original PlanetSide on May 20, 2003, the battlefields of Auraxis have evolved and expanded. Today we recognize an eighteen year legacy by inviting pieces of the past into the present.

From May 20 - May 23, we'll be running a Dou…

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