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Daybreak All-Access Membership is a paid subscription available to all patrons of Daybreak Games. It provides a wide variety of benefits while playing any of the Daybreak Game Company's catalog of games, including PlanetSide 2.

All-Access Membership is a recurring subscription service, available in 1, 3, 6, or 12 month periods, allowing users to enjoy a range of improvements ranging from quality-of-life upgrades to discounts and resource boosts.

Membership Benefits[]

All-Access Membership provides a blanket set of rewards no matter what game the user is interested in, and then has tailored benefits for each specific game. The following benefits listed are only those that affect PlanetSide 2.

General Benefits[]

These benefits are not specific to PlanetSide 2, and apply to all DBC games.

  • The ability to claim 500 Daybreak Cash at the start of each month of the user's subscription.
  • An unlimited-use 10% discount for all in-game purchases made using Daybreak Cash.[Note 1]
  • Access to special member-only promotions and offers.

PlanetSide 2 Exclusive Benefits[]

These benefits are specific to PlanetSide 2, and apply at all times only while membership is held unless otherwise specificed.

  • 50% XP boost.
  • 3% Squad XP boost.
  • 50% Nanite boost.
  • 48 Certification Points per day on all characters, 1 every 30 minutes.[Note 2]
  • Priority queue status when attempting to warp to over-populated continents.
  • The certification points cap is increased from 10,000 Certification Points to 50,000 Certification Points.[Note 3]
  • Access to a Double XP weekend at the end of each calendar month.
  • Three additional membership-only custom loadout slots.
  • To choose a home faction for Nanite Systems Operatives, and join outfits in said home faction.[Note 4]

Some of the benefits of a membership can be accessed forever, even if the subscription is allowed to lapse.

  • Upon purchasing its first subscription, the account is permanently granted access to three additional character slots which do not require membership to use from that point onwards.
  • While subscribed, the one-time purchase cost for entering the Advanced Specialization Program is reduced to zero, although characters must still be Battle Rank 100.[Note 5]


  1. The 10% discount only applies to Marketplace purchases made using Daybreak Cash, and does not apply to Daybreak Cash top-ups, Krono, membership fees, or purchases with any in-game currencies such as Certification Points.
  2. These certification points are claimed only when you log into the character, and up to 48 certification points can be stored. Any earned over this cap are lost.
  3. The increased capacity allows players to store over 10000 certification points at once while they hold membership. Loss of membership prevents any more certification points being earned, but does not deduct any certification points over the cap.
  4. Choosing an initial home faction, as well as all changes in home faction afterwards requires the use of 1000 Certs. Changing factions has a cooldown of 2 weeks. If the user's membership lapses, their Nanite Systems Operative character(s) will be reassigned to the Freelance faction until the they re-subscribe.
  5. The original price for entering the Advanced Specialization Program is 10,000 Certification Points, reduced to Certification Points whilst the parent account has All-Access Membership. Once entered, the character is in the program permanently, and losing membership will not impact access.

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