September 26, 2017 Update Edit

March 20, 2019 Update Edit

  • Tank Shell resistance (type 7) from 0 to -50
  • Rear armor from -100 to -50
  • Dev Note: While the original goal of increasing survivability for more casual or inexperienced players was well intentioned, tank versus tank combat became too much of a slugfest to be enjoyable for veterans. This change is a major swing back toward shorter tank versus tank time to kill values to bring back some of the tense, fast-paced gameplay (as well as some of the frustration that gameplay caused.) We'll continue to pursue avenues for easing less experienced players into the tank game, but it will no longer come at the cost of this style of gameplay.
  • Barrage (Prowler Ability)
    • Particle FX redone.
    • Cooldown reduced by 10 seconds at all ranks.
    • Dev Note: The placeholder shield visuals have been removed, and the ability has been made more available at more ranks.

August 28, 2019 Update Edit

  • Rampart Projector (Defensive Slot)
    • While deployed, the Prowler receives increased front armor and projects a hardlight barrier forward to shield allied infantry. This barrier is tied directly to the Prowler's health pool, and damage to the barrier will also damage the Prowler.
    • Rank 1: 10% additional front armor.
    • Rank 2: 15% additional front armor.
    • Rank 3: 17.5% additional front armor.
    • Rank 4: 20% additional front armor.
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