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In PlanetSide 2 there are three types of Resources: Personal — such as A7, Merit and Nanites, they are stored on the character and used only by character; Outfit Resources — they are earned by Outfits and can be used only by authorized members; and Construction Resources — Cortium, that can only be mined in the world using the ANT, and stored in Cortium Silos.

Merit[edit | edit source]

Merit (Merit) is a resource that can only be earned by Outfits members. It can be earned by capturing and defending bases with your Outfit. Merit can then be exchanged with the Outfit Quartermaster for boosts, equipment, and cosmetics.

Characters can hold up to 20,000 merit.

A7[edit | edit source]

Exposed terminal.

A7 (A7) is a resource that can be earned from Daily Missions or downloaded from exposed terminals. It can be used to purchase Rare Weapons and Equipment from Black Market vendor at Sanctuary. Weapons bought from Black Market also use A7 for acquiring attachments.

Characters can hold up to 5,000 A7.

Nanites[edit | edit source]

Nanites (Nanites) are the primary resource used for general gameplay. All consumables and vehicles require players to spend various amounts of Nanites to resupply or spawn.

The maximum amount of Nanites a player can hold at once is 750Nanites. By default, every player will generate 50Nanites per minute so long as they are active (not idle for an extended period in a warpgate) outside of a VR continent. This amount can be increased through Premium Membership and Boosts.

Nanites are used at Terminals or when respawning to purchase consumable items such as Frag Grenades, or to create vehicles such as Flashes.

The costs associated with consumables and vehicles can be changed through various benefits.

  • Unlocking the appropriate A.S.P. Skill will reduce that vehicle's cost by 20% permanently.

Most consumables and vehicles have different base consumable costs, depending on their power level and how powerful they are when massed. Aside from the MAX, which costs 450Nanites, all nanite costs are listed below.

Consumable Costs[edit | edit source]

Item Cost
Anti-Vehicle Grenade 50Nanites
Concussion Grenade 50Nanites
Decoy Grenade 25Nanites
EMP Grenade 75Nanites
Flash Grenade 25Nanites
Quick-Det Flash Grenade 25Nanites
Frag Grenade 50Nanites
Nanite Healing Grenade 25Nanites
Nanite Revive Grenade 75Nanites
Nano-Repair Grenade 75Nanites
Sticky Grenade 50Nanites
Smoke Grenade 50Nanites
Item Cost
NSX Fujin 25Nanites
NSX Raijin 25Nanites
Item Cost
Anti-Personnel Explosives 75Nanites
C-4 75Nanites
Tank Mine 50Nanites
Reserve Hardlight Barrier 50Nanites
Universal Utilities
Item Cost
Medical Kit 50Nanites
Restoration Kit 25Nanites

Vehicle Costs[edit | edit source]

Ground Vehicles
Vehicle Cost
Flash 50Nanites
Harasser 300Nanites
Sunderer 200Nanites
ANT 200Nanites
Lightning 300Nanites
Main Battle Tanks 450Nanites
Vehicle Cost
Valkyrie 250Nanites
Empire Specific Fighters 350Nanites
Liberator 450Nanites
Galaxy 450Nanites

Campaign Standard[edit | edit source]

Campaign Standard, shortened to CS or Standard, is the currency used to purchase exclusive Campaign cosmetics and gear. Players earn CS by completing Campaign missions or daily community missions.

Outfit Resources[edit | edit source]

Main article: Outfits
Outfit Resources Promo 2.jpg

AuraxiumAuraxium, SynthiumSynthium, and PolystellaritePolystellarite are resources earned by Outfits by capturing and holding facilities in the world such as Outposts, Bio Labs, Tech Plants and etc.

They are primarily used to buy War Assets and can only be used by authorized outfit members.

Resource gain[edit | edit source]

v  e
Facility capture
Facility Capture Control (r/min)
Outpost 5Auraxium 1/minAuraxium
Large Outpost 25Auraxium 5/minAuraxium
Construction Outpost 3Synthium 0.6/minSynthium
Tech Plant 8Synthium 1.60/minSynthium
Bio Lab 8Synthium 1.60/minSynthium
Amp Station 8Synthium 1.60/minSynthium
Central Facility
(The Crown, Eisa Tech Plant, The Ascent, Nason's Defiance)
2Polystellarite 0.4/minPolystellarite
v  e
Name Duration Cost Gain Duration Time
Synthium Short 100Auraxium 25-35Synthium 12 hours
Medium 150Auraxium 50-70Synthium 24 hours
Long 200Auraxium 75-105Synthium 36 hours
Polystellarite Short 50Synthium 5-7Polystellarite 12 hours
Medium 75Synthium 10-14Polystellarite 24 hours
Long 100Synthium 15-21Polystellarite 36 hours

Cortium[edit | edit source]

Main article: Cortium

Cortium (Cortium) is the primary resource of the Construction System. It is mined using the ANT, and is used for building constructables and powering bases via Cortium Silos.

The maximum amount of Cortium an ANT can hold is between 8000Cortium and 10 000Cortium, depending on the vehicle's Cortium Storage rank. The maximum amount of Cortium a Silo can hold is 50 000Cortium. Cortium can only be obtained using an ANT's mining lasers on a Cortium Deposit in the world.

Cortium can be spent at the deployed ANT's terminal, or at a Cortium Silo that has been filled with the mineral. It is also automatically spent by Cortium Silos to power both itself, and surrounding modules and structures

Cortium Costs[edit | edit source]

Main article: Construction System

The costs to construct the many modules and buildings available are quite low. Instead, Cortium is primarily consumed by modules through the Cortium Silo over time to keep themselves powered. The full list of costs is available on the Construction System page.

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