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Planetside 2 features a variety of consumable resources allowing players to purchase a variety of weapons, equipment, cosmetics, and more, as well as fuel vehicles and constructions.

There are three different categories of resources:

Most resources have a maximum capacity. If that limit is reached, no more of that resource can be earned, and any future earnings are wasted so long as the player/outfit/vehicle is at that limit.

Personal Resources[]

Personal resources come from a wide variety of sources, whether earned through normal gameplay actions, purchased through real money transactions, naturally replenished over time, and/or earned as rewards from Alerts and Missions.

Certification Points[]

Main article: Certification Points

Certification Points ( Certification Points), commonly shortened to Certs, are the primary currency used to acquire Certifications and purchase most non-cosmetic items in Planetside 2. Certification Points are the primary currency the player must earn to progress in any meaningful way.

There are several sources from which they can be earned. The rate at which Certs are earned can be indirectly increased via Boosts.

  • Most actions award Experience Points (XP), 250 of which will grant a Cert.
  • Repeating a variety of actions consistently grants Service Ribbons, rewarding 250 XP.
  • Weapons have milestones at which they reward Medals, granting a flat amount of Certs.
  • A player's first 99 battle ranks (BRs 1 to 100) each grant 100 Certification Points upon ranking up.
  • Players with Premium Membership passively earn 48 Certs per day.

Characters can hold up to 10,000 Certification Points, or up to 50,000 Certification Points if their account has Premium Membership. Any Certification Points earned whilst at the limit are lost.

Daybreak Cash[]

Main article: Daybreak Cash

Daybreak Cash (DBC,  Daybreak Cash) is the currency purchased using real money through Daybreak Games.

It can be used to buy weapons, weapon optics and attachments, boosts, and cosmetic items, and bundles, and purchases made using Daybreak Cash will unlock any non-boost items bought for all eligible characters on the player's account, present or future.

There is no cap on how much Daybreak Cash a player can have.


Nanites ( Nanites) are the standard resource used for general gameplay. All consumables and most vehicles require players to spend various amounts of Nanites to resupply and spawn, respectively.

The maximum amount of Nanites a player can hold at once is 750 Nanites. By default, every player will generate 50 Nanites per minute so long as they are active (not idle for an extended period in a warpgate) on a continent where their empire controls a warpgate. This amount can be increased through Premium Membership and Boosts, and players on a locked continent they own (such as after the end of a victorious alert) earn 150 Nanites per minute due to controlling three warpgates.

Nanites are used at Terminals, or when respawning, to purchase consumable items such as Frag Grenades, or to create vehicles such as Flashes.

The costs associated with certain vehicles can be reduced slightly from a couple sources.

  • Unlocking the appropriate A.S.P. Skill will reduce that vehicle's cost by 20% permanently.
  • Facility Modules can reduce the cost of specific vehicle types by 30% at the bases they're installed on.

Most consumables and vehicles have different base consumable costs, depending on their power level and how powerful they are when massed. Aside from the MAX, which costs 450 Nanites, all related costs can be found below.

Consumable Costs[]

Main article: Consumables

Refer to the main article on Consumables for a full list of all related resupply costs for this equipment type.

Vehicle Costs[]

Ground Vehicles
Vehicle Cost
Flash 50 Nanites
Javelin 100 Nanites
Harasser 300 Nanites
Sunderer 200 Nanites
ANT 200 Nanites
Lightning 300 Nanites
Main Battle Tanks 450 Nanites
Vehicle Cost
Empire Specific Fighters 350 Nanites
Dervish 350 Nanites
Valkyrie 250 Nanites
Liberator 450 Nanites
Galaxy 450 Nanites


Merit ( Merit) is a resource primarily linked to the Tactical loadout slot, as well as the Colossus. It can also be used to purchase certain cosmetics from the Outfit Quartermaster.

Merit is earned by capturing and defending bases whilst in an outfit. Earning a small amount of score at any contested base will reward the player with an amount of merit dependent on the base's size if the player's faction succeeds in either attacking or defending the base.

Though it demands the player be in an outfit to earn Merit, there are no outfit-related purchases made with Merit. All available purchases give gear or cosmetics that only the individual player can use, though with a slight exception of the Colossus which requires high-level access to an outfit's War Assets to craft and spawn.

Characters can hold up to 20,000 Merit.


A7 Exposed Terminal.gif

A7 ( A7) is a resource earned from Missions or downloaded from "exposed terminals" in the world. It is used for purchasing rare weapons (and their attachments), equipment, and cosmetics from the Black Market Vendor in Sanctuary

Any class can interact with exposed terminals to 'decrypt,' earning a small amount of A7. Exposed terminals are not to be confused with standard Terminals, and are instead small glowing 'dot' balls that can be found above 'computer' props in the world.

Characters can hold up to 5,000 A7.

Campaign Standing[]

Campaign Standing.png

Campaign Standing is a resource earned from Missions undertaken as part of a Campaign. It is used for purchasing cosmetics as well as temporary equipment that is usable for the length of the parent campaign.

Characters can hold up to 5,000 Campaign Standing.png.

Outfit Resources[]

Main article: Outfits
Outfit Resources Promo 2.jpg

There are three different resources earned and used by Outfits

  • Auraxium ( Auraxium)
  • Synthium ( Synthium)
  • Polystellarite ( Polystellarite)

Each is earned in varying amount by capturing bases throughout Auraxis, and all are used for crafting War Assets, with resource costs varying based on the relative strength of the asset.

Uniquely, anything that consumes an outfit resource cannot be immediately used. Most war assets have a crafting time of at least 5 minutes, some ranging as high as upwards of 12 hours.

There are a variety of outfit permissions related to the use of outfit resources, greatly restricting individual player's access to them.

Resource gain[]

Below, a list of all of the potential sources of each outfit resource can be found, as well as all expeditions.

Base Ownership Income
Facility Type Capture Control (/min)
Outpost Auraxium Auraxium
Large Outpost 25 Auraxium Auraxium
Construction Outpost Synthium 0.6 Synthium
Tech Plant Synthium 1.6 Synthium
Bio Lab Synthium 1.6 Synthium
Amp Station Synthium 1.6 Synthium
Containment Site Synthium 1.6 Synthium
Central Facility Polystellarite 0.4 Polystellarite
Resource Duration Input Output Duration
Short 50 Auraxium 35 Synthium 12 hours
Medium 100 Auraxium 75 Synthium 24 hours
Long 150 Auraxium 150 Synthium 36 hours
Short 25 Synthium Polystellarite 12 hours
Medium 50 Synthium 15 Polystellarite 24 hours
Long 75 Synthium 30 Polystellarite 36 hours


Not to be confused with 'Auraxium' weapons and equipment earned from Directives.

Auraxium ( Auraxium) is the most common outfit resource. It is earned in the most abundance, and used for crafting the least powerful War Assets, in the form of A.N.V.I.L.s and Facility Modules, as well as for chartering expeditions to gather Synthium.

Auraxium is used to craft the following assets


Synthium ( Synthium) is an uncommon outfit resource. It is earned through holding major facilities, such as Amp Stations, or through Expeditions. It is used for crafting the more powerful War Assets, as well as for chartering expeditions to gather Polystellarite.

Synthium is used to craft the following assets


Polystellarite ( Polystellarite) is the rarest outfit resource. It is earned through holding the center base on each map, such as The Crown or Eisa Tech Plant, or through expeditions. It is used for crafting the most valuable assets.

Polystellarite is used to craft the following assets

  • Orbital Strike - 75 Synthium plus 15 Polystellarite, 15 minutes crafting time
  • Colossus Heavy Tank - 15 Polystellarite, 30 minute crafting time
  • Bastion Fleet Carrier components
    • Bastion: Response Vehicles - 10 Polystellarite, 12 hour crafting time
    • Bastion: Hull Reconstitution - 15 Polystellarite, 12 hour crafting time
    • Bastion: Support Systems - 20 Polystellarite, 12 hour crafting time
    • Bastion: Rearm and Refuel - 25 Polystellarite, 12 hour crafting time

Construction Resources[]

There is currently only one resource relevant to construction.


Main article: Cortium

Cortium ( Cortium) is the primary resource of the Construction System, as well as the power source for the Colossus.

Two vehicles interact directly with Cortium, the ANT and the aforementioned Colossus.

Advanced Nanite Transport[]

Main article: ANT

The ANT, or Advanced Nanite Transport, is a Nanite Systems vehicle used for mining Cortium and interacting with the Construction System.

Using the driver's harvesting tool, as well as potentially a top gunner WLT-Mandible Mining Laser, the ANT is capable of harvesting cortium from nodes across Auraxis. This can then be consumed with the terminal available on the rear of the ANT when the vehicle is deployed, deposited into a Cortium Silo, or used to refuel a Colossus.

The maximum amount of Cortium an ANT can hold is between 8000 Cortium and 10 000 Cortium, depending on the level of the driver's Cortium Storage passive system.


Main article: Colossus

The Colossus Heavy Tank is a global war asset available to outfits. It is a dedicated anti-air platform, particularly anti-Bastion.

When deployed using Deployment: Skylance Battery, the Colossus projects a bombardment shield around itself and the surrounding area, protecting itself and anything inside. This shield is powered by cortium, and any damage received by the shield instantly drains the equivalent in cortium from the Colossus' stores.

The Colossus can also consume a small amount of cortium by activating the Mass Accelerator Drive utility ability, providing a buff to its main cannon in exchange.

The Colossus can slowly recharge its own cortium stores passively over time using the Cortium Recycler logstics slot upgrade, whenever it is undeployed, or allied ANTs can manually deposit cortium into the vehicle to instantly top up its supply, regardless of the tank's deployment status.

Construction System[]

Main article: Construction System

Cortium is consumed to both create and keep constructions alive. The costs to initially construct the many modules and buildings available are quite low. Instead, Cortium is primarily consumed by modules through the Cortium Silo over time to keep themselves powered. The full list of costs is available on the Construction System page.