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Saron HRB
Saron HRB.png
The Saron HRB fires a fast and accurate armor damaging particle beam. Accuracy destabilizes for a split second after each shot.
Cert Cost: 875 Certification Points
DC Cost: 599 Daybreak Cash
General Info
Empire: Icon VS.png
Can Use: Icon Magrider.png
Fire Rate: 300 RPM
Muzzle Velocity: 300m/s
Effective Range: Medium
Fire Modes: Semi-Automatic
Max Damage: 150
Min Damage: 150
Max Indirect Damage: 150 before 0.5m
Min Indirect Damage: 50 at 3m
Damage Type: Light Anti-Vehicle,
Explosive Splash
Reload Speed
Reload Speed: 3s
Magazine Size: 6
Ammunition Pool: 180
Min Cone of Fire: 0
Bloom per Shot: 0.35
Data Sources
Census API source: Saron HRB API Data?

The Saron HRB is a Vanu Sovereignty mid-range anti-vehicle turret used as a secondary weapon on the Magrider. Similar to the Lightning's C75 Viper, the Saron HRB is a rapid-fire energy cannon with a small magazine and pinpoint accuracy for its first shot but very wide projectile spread on subsequent shots. This allows it to fire individual accurate shots, or a fast but inaccurate high-damage burst. Note that despite its high fire rate, its trigger is semi-automatic.

Attachments[edit | edit source]

Available attachments
Zoom Optics (1.25x)
Zoom Optics.png
Unlocks the 1.25x Zoom attachment.
1Certification Points 1Daybreak Cash
Zoom Optics (1.5x)
Zoom Optics.png
Unlocks the 1.5x Zoom attachment.
50Certification Points 39Daybreak Cash
Zoom Optics (1.75x)
Zoom Optics.png
Unlocks the 1.75x Zoom attachment.
150Certification Points 89Daybreak Cash
Zoom Optics (2x)
Zoom Optics.png
Unlocks the 2x Zoom attachment.
500Certification Points 199Daybreak Cash
Night Vision Optics
Night Vision Optics.png
Illuminates low light levels up to 1000 meters in a green monochrome display.
50Certification Points 39Daybreak Cash
Threat Detection Optics
Thermal Optics.png
Highlights vehicular threats in low light conditions up to 350 meters.
200Certification Points 89Daybreak Cash
Reload Speed
Magazine Size.png
Reload Speed 1 Decreases the time taken to reload weapon by 0.09 seconds.
150Certification Points
Reload Speed 2 Decreases the time taken to reload weapon by 0.18 seconds.
200Certification Points
Reload Speed 3 Decreases the time taken to reload weapon by 0.27 seconds.
400Certification Points
Reload Speed 4 Decreases the time taken to reload weapon by 0.36 seconds.
500Certification Points
Reload Speed 5 Decreases the time taken to reload weapon by 0.45 seconds.
1000Certification Points
Maximum Ammo Capacity
Ammo Capacity.png
Maximum Ammo Capacity 1 Increases the maximum ammo capacity of the weapon by 6 rounds.
1Certification Points
Maximum Ammo Capacity 2 Increases the maximum ammo capacity of the weapon by 12 rounds.
10Certification Points
Maximum Ammo Capacity 3 Increases the maximum ammo capacity of the weapon by 18 rounds.
30Certification Points
Maximum Ammo Capacity 4 Increases the maximum ammo capacity of the weapon by 24 rounds.
50Certification Points
Maximum Ammo Capacity 5 Increases the maximum ammo capacity of the weapon by 30 rounds.
100Certification Points
Maximum Ammo Capacity 6 Increases the maximum ammo capacity of the weapon by 36 rounds.
150Certification Points
Maximum Ammo Capacity 7 Increases the maximum ammo capacity of the weapon by 42 rounds.
200Certification Points
Maximum Ammo Capacity 8 Increases the maximum ammo capacity of the weapon by 48 rounds.
400Certification Points
Maximum Ammo Capacity 9 Increases the maximum ammo capacity of the weapon by 54 rounds.
500Certification Points
Maximum Ammo Capacity 10 Increases the maximum ammo capacity of the weapon by 60 rounds.
1000Certification Points

Effectiveness[edit | edit source]

Versus Infantry
Infantry Shots to Kill
Icon Light Assault.pngInfantry 4(6)
Icon Infiltrator.pngInfiltrator 3(5)
Icon Heavy Assault.pngHeavy Assault Overshield 5(8)
Icon MAX.pngMAX 8(9)
Versus Vehicles
Vehicle Armor Facing Shots to Kill
Link=FlashFlash - 4 (on fire @ 3)
Composite Armor 5 - 5 (on fire @ 4)
Link=HarasserHarasser - 14 (on fire @ 11)
Composite Armor 5 - 16 (on fire @ 13)
Sunderer Diagram.pngSunderer - 28 (on fire @ 23)
Blockade Armor 5 - 34 (on fire @ 27)
Deployment Shield 4 - 28 (Shield 14)
ANT Diagram.pngANT - 23 (on fire @ 18)
Lightning Diagram.pngLightning Front/Top 23 (on fire @ 18)
Side 20 (on fire @ 16)
Rear 15 (on fire @ 12)
Prowler Diagram.pngProwler Front/Top 28 (on fire @ 23)
Side 25 (on fire @ 20)
Rear 19 (on fire @ 15)
Magrider Diagram.pngMagrider Front/Top 28 (on fire @ 23)
Side 25 (on fire @ 20)
Rear 19 (on fire @ 15)
Vanguard Diagram.pngVanguard Front/Top 34 (on fire @ 27)
Side 29 (on fire @ 24)
Rear 23 (on fire @ 18)
Mosquito Diagram.pngReaver Diagram.pngScythe Diagram.pngESF - 10 (on fire @ 8)
Composite Armor 5 - 11 (on fire @ 9)
Valkyrie Diagram.pngValkyrie Front/Side/Top/Rear 15 (on fire @ 12)
Bottom 29 (on fire @ 23)
Composite Armor 5 Front/Side/Top/Rear 17 (on fire @ 14)
Bottom 33 (on fire @ 27)
Liberator Diagram.pngLiberator - 30 (on fire @ 24)
Composite Armor 5 - 33 (on fire @ 27)
Galaxy Diagram.pngGalaxy - 47 (on fire @ 38)
Composite Armor 5 - 52 (on fire @ 42)
Bastion Fleet Carrier Diagram.pngBastion Weak Point - 54 (Shield 7)

Ribbons and Medals[edit | edit source]

With any vehicle weapon, it is possible to get both Ribbons and Medals. Each Ribbon is a standard reward for achieving a set amount of kills with a vehicle weapon. Medals relate to how many overall kills you have with the vehicle weapon.

Ribbons[edit | edit source]

Ribbon Icon Requirements
Saron HRB Vulcan Service Ribbon
MBT Vehicle Ribbon.png
10 kills.
Find out more on the Service Ribbons article.

Medals[edit | edit source]

Medal Icon Requirement Award
No Medal
Medal Empty.png
0 kills N/A
Copper Medal
Medal Copper.png
10 kills 2Certification Points
Silver Medal
Medal Silver.png
60 kills 10Certification Points
Gold Medal
Medal Gold.png
160 kills 20Certification Points
Auraxium Medal
Medal Auraxium.png
1,160 kills 200Certification Points

History[edit | edit source]

  • Game Update Number 2
    • Slowed Projectile down slightly. It retains no projectile drop.
  • Game Update Number 4
    • Outer radius blast reduced from 4 to 3 meters.
  • Game Update Number 8
    • Increased upward elevation range from 25 to 30 degrees
    • Increased downward elevation range from 7 to 10 degrees
  • Game Update Number 9
    • Slight redesign of HRB. It can now rapid fire several shots before reloading. It is pin-point accurate on the first shot, but the cone of fire blooms significantly after the first shot. This allows it to ‘unload’ on targets at close range for a faster TTK. TTK at medium to long range should remain the same when waiting for the cone of fire to reset.
    • New description: “The Saron HRB fires fast and accurate armor damaging beams. Accuracy of the HRB decreases significantly for half a second after each shot. VS use only.”
        • Removed firing delay
        • Magazine size increased from 1 to 6
        • Added Fire Rate of 200ms
        • Direct hit damage per shot decreased from 1500 to 425
        • Increased projectile speed from 250 to 300
        • Max ammo capacity increased from 30 to 180
        • Amount granted from Ammo Capacity Certs increased from 3 to 6 per rank.
        • Added cone of fire bloom per shot of 6
        • Added max cone of fire of 6
        • Added cone of fire recovery of 6 in 0.5 seconds
        • Reduced effectiveness of AoE sense it can be spammed against infantry more
        • Inner blast damage decreased from 750 to 350
        • Inner blast radius decreased from 1 meter to 0.5 meters
        • Outer blast radius decreased from 3 meters to 2 meters
  • Game Update Number 9
    • Inner Radius Blast damage reduce from 850 to 350
    • Max CoF reduced from 2 degrees to 1 degree. This should extend its effective burst fire range.
  • Performance Update Number 2
    • The Saron is pretty close to where we like it. For now, the only change we are doing is adjusting the harasser version. It will require one more splash hit to kill if hitting with only inner splash damage.
        • Saron HRB
        • Direct hit damage reduced from 425 to 284
        • Inner Blast damage increased from 350 to 367
        • Saron HRB-H
        • Direct hit damage reduced from 375 to 250
        • Inner Blast damage reduced from 350 to 334
  • 2014-04-16
    • It is too effective as an anti-infantry weapon.
    • Blast damage reduced from 367 damage to 200 damage (334 to 200 for Harasser version)
    • This makes it require 3 direct hits to drop non infiltrators instead of 2.
    • Inner blast damage radius increased from 0.5 meters to 1 meter
  • 2015-05-19
    • Saron HRB can aim lower than previously
  • 2016-06-01
    • Changed resist type 5(Medium Anti-Armor (Lock-on Rocket Launchers, Halberd, Saron, Enforcer, MAX AV Weapons)) to -25 from 20
  • 2016-07-07
    • Saron Laser Cannon
        • Projectile velocity from 800 to 750
  • 2016-09-07
    • Made adjustments to the Saron HRB to mitigate the weapon potentially blinding the driver.
  • 2016-10-24
    • Saron HRB's muzzle flash has been reduced.
  • 2016-11-18
    • Addressed issue with the Saron HRB muzzle flash being too large and too bright.
  • 2017-06-08
    • Fixes for Saron muzzle flash.
  • 2017-09-26
    • Anti-Vehicle Weapons have been separated into categories based on their new effective ranges. For the most part, the longer effective range a weapon has, the less damage output it has. These categories aren’t too different from their previous Live state, but their stats have been honed more toward this end.
        • Mid-Range AV:
        • Enforcer ML85 (NC)
        • Saron HRB (VS)
  • October 25, 2018 Hotfix
    • Cone of fire bloom from 0.5 to 0.35 (Magrider)
    • Cone of fire bloom from 0.75 to 0.5 (Harasser)
    • Dev Note: This changes the number of shots until hitting maximum cone of fire from 2 to 3 for while firing at the maximum rate of fire. Tighter groupings here are intended to increase the effectiveness of the weapon over range.
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