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Soft Point Ammunition
Soft Point Ammunition increases the weapon's maximum damage range by 5 meters, but reduces its projectile velocity by 10%.
Empire: Icon NS.png
Cert Cost: 100  Certification Points
DC Cost: 75  Daybreak Cash

Soft Point Ammunition, or SPA, is an ammo type available to a variety of weapons. It is unlocked through purchase with Certification Points or Daybreak Cash.

While loaded, Soft Point Ammunition increases the range at which the weapon deals its maximum damage by 5 meters, but decreases the muzzle velocity of the weapon by 10%.

The weapon's minimum damage range is completely unaffected by this attachment, although the increased maximum damage range pushes the weapon's 'bullets-to-kill' breakpoints out to longer ranges. The velocity penalty can stack with similar penalties such as that from the Suppressor.

 Daybreak Cash As with all other attachments, if any instance of this attachment is purchased with Daybreak Cash it will still only be available for the specific weapon it was unlocked for, however it will be available on other characters who can use that same weapon.



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