TR Mobile Assault Team
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Terran Republic





Current leader(s)

Weemos (Division Commander)


October 9, 2016

Play style

Combined arms



The TR Mobile Assault Team, tagged as TMAT, is a Terran Republic outfit on the U.S. East Coast server, Emerald. The outfit was founded by D3lta0ak on October 9, 2016. We have a dedicated command structure and a set of Rules and Regulations expected to be followed by all members. All are welcome! Read more below.

Recruitment Edit

Our philosophy is simple: Play games and get the job done. Want a fun group of people to hang out with in a multi-gaming clan that supports numerous titles without honor codes or multi-clanning policies other multi-gaming clans have? Then we're the right clan for you! Our rules are simple, and straight forward. Just use common sense. Send us a message in-game via an outfit application or a friend request with a PM, and we will get you in our outfit!

Play style Edit

We have various subgroups in our PlanetSide 2 division that focus around ground combat, air combat, and construction. Overall, we are a well-rounded combined arms outfit. We have also participate in Server Smashes and have partaken in Emerald Fight Night. We have a Discord we use for communication and ranking.

Requirements to join Edit

Anyone may join our clan, but you MUST have a mic and Discord to rank up in our clan. Otherwise, you will remain as a Private, our recruit rank.

Who to contact? Edit

The best people to contact to join us in PlanetSide 2 are listed below:

  • Weemos
  • GunGood
  • Slinggsshot
  • TheLoyalTerran
  • MeekooQT

Or send us an application through the outfit browser by searching "TR Mobile Assault Team". We hope to see you online!