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The Tech Plant base facility is the hub of cutting-edge research and development. The main Tech Plant building sits prominently near the center of the entire facility. The design of the main structure is reminiscent of the old Gothic cathedrals with massive flying buttresses and large open, vaulted rooms. Additionally, smaller outpost buildings are positioned close by, allowing for quick re-spawn of support troops.

Your empire must have a captured Tech plant linked to your Warpgate via adjoining/contiguous captured territories to spawn your empire's Main Battle Tanks (Vanguard, Prowler, Magrider) from vehicle terminals other than those located at your empire Warpgate.

Indar Continent Tech Plants[]

Esamir Continent Tech Plant[]

Amerish Continent Tech Plants[]

Hossin Continent Tech Plants[]

Base Capture[]

Security Terminal Control Node

To begin capture of a territory, a player's empire must control an adjacent lattice territory. A player cannot capture a base that is not connected through the Lattice network. Players gain bars for the duration of time their empire controls a security terminal. You gain control of a security terminal by standing close to one and remain within its control area and defend it against other empires. It should be noted that MAXs, vehicles and aircraft do not help to capture security terminals/control nodes as they do not influence them. Once the terminal is captured the corresponding occupation timer starts. The standard time is 7 minutes. Once a facility is captured or defended, the security terminal transfers over to the winning empire. The losing empires must again gain control of the security terminal in order for it to be contested and restart the occupation timer.

There are also external spawn points at local outposts close to the main base facility. These have their own security terminal that controls this area's cluster of buildings. Taking control of the local outpost security terminal will enable the controlling empire use of vehicle/equipment terminals as well as use the local spawn point. For all continents, these outposts are in their own space connected via the lattice system and are now required to be captured before being allowed to capture the main facility.

See also Base Capture Mechanics.

Base Map[]

Generic Tech Plant Overview Map

The Tech Plant is composed of two to three local outposts and a cluster of facilities surrounding the main Tech Plant superstructure. The map above depicts a generic layout of a Tech Plant; each plant has slight variations, such as additional buildings and bridges. All are very accessible from both the ground and air. Many of the roads are wide and accessible to all vehicles. Other than the main Tech Plant facility and the outpost watch tower, the buildings are small bi-level structures with windows, bridges, balconies and some roof access.

The Tech Plants on each continent have the same configuration with one security terminal for the main plant. The usual adjacent support buildings and local outposts are stand-alone areas that are taken over separately with its own organic security terminal. There are also two ground resupply towers just outside the main Tech Plant buildings close to the Command Spawn area. Tech Plants on each continent also have local guard tower outposts that include vehicle shields blocking roadways.

Main Tech Plant Facility
Tech Plant Main Facility Superstructure

The main Tech Plant facility is the most prominent building in the Tech Plant territory. The large superstructure has three vehicle bay doors on one end and two infantry doors on the opposite end.

The interior is broken up into four main floors.

The ground floor contains the vehicle terminals, infantry entrances, hangar bay entrances, and roof/aviation access teleporters. Protective walls are scattered around providing cover. There is also a lev-elevator that can take players to each of the main floors all the way up to the air vehicle terminals in the tower superstructure. The elevator is located between two troop entrances that are not controlled by shields but can be easily well guarded from all angles. There are also gaps above the side vehicle entrances that can be accessed by Light Assault troopers and the vaulted ceiling provides an open area for Light Assault to scout the area easily.

  • The mezzanine in this area contains the [A] point and two ground vehicle deployment terminals (toward the rear of the Tower Facility and furthest away from the Command Facility). This area can be accessed (from the ground floor) by taking the stairs near the Aviation Floor teleporters on either side or by the lev-elevators at the far end of the Tower Facility along the outside walls near the ground vehicle deployment area.
  • The rear observation deck can be accessed by two unshielded doors with its entry deck overlooking the [A] point. From this position, an Infiltrator or an Engineer with a turret can guard the security terminal These balconies are accessible by Light Assault infantry using jetpacks from the ground outside of the building and from above via the external balcony.
Tech Plant Elevator

The second floor (known as the "Sub-Aviation Area") is an open area that is large enough to accommodate the landing of several aircraft. It is sheltered from fire from above and on two sides and from ground fire from within the direct Tech Plant Compound area. It can be accessed by the ant-grav lift, by aircraft, by dropping down from above, or by using a Light Assault's jump jets to leap up from the rear external balcony.

The third floor contains the Flight Deck and air vehicle spawning/repair area. It can be accessed by the ant-grav lift, by aircraft, or by dropping down from above.

The fourth floor (known as the "Balcony") houses three aviation vehicle terminals, four anti-air Phalanx turrets, and five anti-vehicle Phalanx turrets. Two of the anti-air phalanx turrets and two of the artillery turrets over-look and can target the third floor Flight Deck. Two of the anti-air phalanx turrets and three of the artillery turrets face directly away from the flight deck and overlook part of the Tech Plant Compound. However, the orientation of these Phalanx turrets may change for certain Tech Plants. This floor can be accessed either by one of the two teleporters, the anti-grav lifts directly inside the two unshielded front infantry doors of the Tower Facility facing the Command Tower, or from the roof above on which air vehicles can easily land and/or on which squad spawn beacons deployed.

Ground Vehicle Ammo Resupply Tower

In addition to the main Tech Plant facility, there are three types of spawn point outposts at a Tech Plant base: main command, tower, and garrisons/guard towers. There are also two vehicle resupply depot towers alongside the adjacent buildings in the command spawn area.

(I believe that the only spawn point that remains at ANY Tech Plant is the Main Command spawn point which is only connected the Main Tech Plant building by underground lev-tubes that reach some out buildings and one located inside of the Main Tech Plant building near the two vehicle deployment platforms.)

Tech Plant Command and Support Buildings

Command Facility[]

The Tech Plant Command facility is separated from the main Tech Plant facility. It is located on the outer edge of the main base and is approachable by both ground and air vehicles.

The Command spawn point has two floors. The first floor contains three exits to the ground level, the building spawn point, and equipment terminals. There could potentially be an equipment terminal upstairs, along with three sniper nests that are open to the outside. All six exits are guarded by a self-generated shield, which protects the controlling empire.

If you are inside and facing the [A] point, there are tunnels that can be accessed by turning around and going behind the left-hand set of stairs. These lead under the base and can take you as far as the vehicle deployment area at the back of the Main Tower.

From inside and facing the [A], the next building to the left houses the SCU. Directly after that building - and in the same direction - there is a building housing a ground vehicle spawn point. Going forward from toward the [A] point on ground level will take you to the back of the Main Tower and the two ground level entrances into the Main Tower.

Local Outpost Facilities[]

Local Outpost adjacent to a Tech Plant

These Tech Plant facilities are standard spawn point layout containing equipment and ground vehicle terminals. Upon spawning, players can choose to take the lift up to the roof or drop down through a hole in the floor. Several of the base security terminals are housed within this type of facility. There is a ground vehicle terminal outside and Shield Generators may be located here.

These external spawn point outposts away from the main facility have their own security terminal that can control this area's cluster of buildings. Taking control of that security terminal will allow vehicle/equipment terminals for their allies' use, as well as use the local spawn point.

Guard Outpost with vehicle shield

Several of these facilities also control vehicle shield barriers that block the main roadway into the Tech Plant. The shields are controlled by a local shield generator within the small complex. These outposts are typically flanked by two or more "guard" towers which are shorter than watchtowers. Guard towers make great defensive positions and often have an anti-vehicle or anti-air phalanx turret attached to them.

Secondary Objectives[]

Secondary Objectives can be located anywhere on a base and can turn the tide for an empire.

The main shields at Tech Plants are operated by two generators in the outlying buildings. These have icons that display the status of the generators.

Spawn Control Unit[]

Spawn Control Unit (SCU)

Spawn Control Units (SCUs) enable the main spawn point of the base facility. An offensive player can initiate an overload sequence that after one minute will destroy the SCU. A defensive player can override the self-destruct sequence and return it to normal. Destroying the SCU will prevent players from spawning in the main facility, forcing them to spawn at one of the local outposts or even further away. Like Shield Generators, they can be repaired by Engineers.

Tech Plant Basic Base Strategies[]

There are countless ways to attack and defend a base. Every situation will be different based on numbers, empires, vehicles, classes, terrain, etc. The strategies in the Basic and Advanced section are suggestions and starting points to get both new and experienced players discussing plans at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels of warfare in PlanetSide 2.

Basic Offensive Strategy[]

Tech Plant Support Building Bridges

The Tech Plant provides multiple fronts to exploit while conducting a base take-over. There are two or three annex facilities, local outposts, away from the main plant with shield generators, a tower, and a barracks/depot. All of the facilities at a Tech Plant are visible from the air and reachable by a ground vehicle.

Once the attacking empire takes the main security terminal on the second floor of the main tech plant superstructure, it is imperative to guard it until the entire territory is won; otherwise, there is always a risk that the terminal will be recaptured. Up to 6 players can provide leverage and influence to "pull" the security terminal and the territory to your empire's control. Any additional troops do not count, however, can provide defense. Utilize a combination of Engineers with turrets lying in wait inside the facility and MAXs guarding choke points and the security terminal itself.

Tower Outpost with several Guard towers

Take the local outpost Tower first. This provides a base of operations that includes air support, ground vehicles, equipment, and spawn terminals. Additionally, the Tower is designed for defense so it is best to take it either when it is not defended or with a large force. Air support will be advantageous but must remain low and close in order to stay out of the anti-aircraft phalanx turret fire. If the tower is defended and there is a large force attacking, ensure that Lightning tanks / MBTs and MAXs take out the artillery phalanx turrets. Place Infiltrators on elevated ridges and hills close to the Tower. This allows them to scan the second and third floor and pick off enemy Infiltrators and other targets before they can get into the fight.

One of the Guard Tower outposts with vehicle shield wall is a good alternative starting point. These outposts not only have a spawn location, but also vehicle spawn terminals. The guard towers are great places to post Infiltrators. The only downside is that you will not be able to spawn air vehicles.

Once the Tower is secured, press on to the other security terminal outside the Tech Plant to provide multiple re-spawn points or press directly on to the Tech Plant proper.

Taking out the SCU and Shield Generators will help tremendously in an assault. Initiate the self-destruct sequence then find cover to secure the area and ensure the process completes. Destroy them both and post guards at each to keep the enemy Engineers from repairing them.

If there are enough forces, assign a small contingent to harass the defensive empire's spawn points. Infiltrators, Lightning tanks, and infantry with a Medic are effective in this role.

The main Tech Plant facility can be accessed from multiple sides, including a ground vehicle bay and a teleporter located in the air vehicle bay on the roof. Shield generators need to be disabled for vehicles to storm the building. Light Assault can jump over two of the short bay shields that do not cover the entire entrance. All other infantry can enter through the opposite side's infantry entrance or get transported to an upper level via an air vehicle such as a Galaxy transport. Once inside, Light Assault can jump up above and into the security terminal platform while also getting a good view of the target area in case there are defenders lying in wait. Check the observation platform on one end just above the security terminal floor for an Engineer behind a turret or an Infiltrator. Additionally, it is possible to cripple the defending empire and speed up the takeover process by destroying the Spawn Control Unit in the center of the main Tech Plant on the bottom floor.

Basic Defensive Strategy[]

Tech Plant Tower Outpost View From Nearby Ridge

An empire must hold the main Tech Plant facility and the tower in order to make a viable defense. Losing even just one of these two vital areas means the defending empire must have a very strong foothold on the other local outpost at the plant, if not control over all of them. The tower and the main tech plant contain essential air and ground vehicle terminals and provide key spawn points that, if captured, will give an enemy empire the upper hand.

Additionally, Influence gained from control over the surrounding areas around the base will speed up the occupation process. Sending a solo player or a small patrol to capture that small, one-terminal outpost to gain even a fraction of Influence could mean the difference between "captured" and "defended."

Tech plants are controlled by only one security terminal within the main tech plant facility. This makes defense very viable with a small group of players; however, they must remain vigilant and keep the SCU and Shield Generators online. Bring in a Sunderer and park it in a corner of the main facility or leave it in the center of the vehicle bay to ensure your empire can spawn close to the main facility and provide resupply options just in case the SCU is destroyed.

Should the worst happen and you lose the main facility, your best option is to take the last stand at the tower. The outpost is a stand-alone spawn point and the most easily defended building at a Tech Plant. It is possible to generate vehicles and operate the phalanx artillery/anti-air turrets in all four directions at the Tech Plant tower.

Tech Plant Advanced Strategies[]

Advanced Offensive Strategy[]


A Tech Plant is a fairly open environment and the use of combined arms/mechanized infantry with air and ground vehicles is highly beneficial.

Utilize Light Assault's jump pack mobility and hop from building to building via roofs, bridges and scaffolding. Equip SMGs to enable fast reaction firefights from multiple angles. Doing so will not only allow quicker access into certain facilities, but may also take the defenders by surprise. Their mobility will, however, make it difficult for a Medic to keep up. It is also possible to jump over the small shields blocking the entrances to all three vehicle bays in the main Tech Plant facility on to the balconies on the second floor.

Tech Plant Main Facility Vehicle Bay Shield

Another fun tactic is throwing a grenade over the shield wall while infantry is hiding behind it. For quick assaults, equip a laser dot to make targeting slightly more effective without having to "right-click aim." Dropping off troops without stopping or landing the Galaxy full of Light Assault can also be effective. Using their jump jets as they leave the ship can slow troops down, like paratroopers, as the Galaxy flies over the drop zone(using jump jets eliminates the temporary fall immunity that dropping from a Galaxy gives). On the second floor of the main Tech Plant, where the security terminal is located, Light Assault can fly over the little maze of computer racks surrounding the terminal and spot enemy defenders lying in wait. See Light Assault Class Strategy.

Set up Infiltrators in the Tower outpost, as well as on roofs and at windows close to choking points. You can also set them up outside the large vehicle bay doors of the outpost tower or main tech plant building where they can watch for players running in and out. Another great place to hide an Infiltrator is on the upper platform, above the main Tech Plant security terminal. This position provides an excellent view of approaching players, as well as providing a slight degree camouflage due to the array of lights next to the computers. Hills, terrain arches, and cliffs overlooking choke points and spawn points are ideal observation positions. Having an Infiltrator inserted into the upper levels of the main tech plant will position them at a very high overwatch, allowing them to pick off sprinter running away from the base and spot defending reinforcements. After landing the Galaxy, the Infiltrator can choose to either set up shop directly on the landing platform, on the lower deck below the landing platforms or on the aviation/anti-aircraft tower. Additionally, Infiltrators can be used to take control of equipment/vehicle terminals and phalanx turrets via hacking. This is an excellent tactic to provide more flexibility to your empire while waiting for the entire territory to transfer control.

Heavy Assault should be used in groups with Medics in order to clear facilities one by one while approaching a security terminal. Combined with MAXs, this group composition can have a strong presence in taking the main security terminal(s) in the Tech Plant. Heavy Assault should utilize their shield special ability before entering a hostile, guarded room. Take out the defenders' airborne vehicles early with anti-vehicle weaponry to ensure the safety of supporting Galaxies and initial assault forces. Watch for ground patrol vehicles while proceeding between security terminals and immediately take the offensive. Heavy Assault and anti-vehicle MAXs are best at taking defenders out during the initial assault if ground vehicle support is unavailable. Run Heavy Assault troops between and in buildings as you track an enemy vehicle, then pop out of one of the windows and take a rocket shot when they are not looking.

Engineers and MAXs can be entrenched to guard a security terminal after it is captured. MAXs can also be used to charge into heavily defended buildings and heavy choke point firefights while firing their artillery cannon as they move throughout the area. Engineers can help repair the heavily used MAXs, as well as set up turrets at critical areas like the defender's spawn points. Engineers can also set up Tank and Proximity Mines at the entrances of the vehicle bays. As an Engineer, be aware of all the tactical hotspots and choke points around the base, as they are ripe for the setup of gun turrets and are also good locations to drop off ammo packages enabling other players in your empire to resupply ammo quickly and conveniently.

Ground Vehicle[]

Ground vehicles have full access to Tech Plants. An initial surge attack with a large number of armored vehicles, accompanied by several Sunderer filled with troops, is very effective. Transport the majority of the initial infantry forces via a Sunderer for the assault. Use it to patrol the streets of the main plant along with the Lightning Tanks and other MBTs. Gunners should cover opposite fields of view for maximum protection, especially when patrolling the streets in the plant. This tactic is very effective if coupled with an air assault from several Galaxy transports and fighter escorts to clear the airspace.

Multiple Mobile Spawn Points

Once the assault is established, park a Sunderer or two inside the main facility, or at least within the base, to ensure a constant and close spawn point. You can also enable the shield disruptor mod in order to push through vehicle bay's main shields and insert a strike force inside the main superstructure. Ensure your Engineers keep watch over it and maintain repairs as required. It can also be used as a defensive point as it has two gun turrets that are highly effective against troops and moderately effective against vehicles.

The speed of the Flash ATV can be used at the beginning of the assault to get troops quickly between the local outposts and the main plant. They can also be used later to support a defense or to recapture a security terminal, as well as enabling a quick move to the next target after taking over the entire facility.

Lightning tanks can be used to take out the turrets on the outpost tower, at a distance, for the initial assault. Once under way, Lightnings make the effective patrols along the streets and perimeter, covering choke points and providing excellent cover for infantry forces. Park a line of tanks in front of the vehicle bay entrances at the main Tech Plant and outpost tower to ensure they don't come out. One tactic to use, if you plan on staying in a vehicle, is to utilize the Engineer class so that you can make repairs on the fly. Bombard the shields periodically as they protect shots fired into the vehicle bay, but their explosion against the shield still causes Blast Area of Effect damage, injuring any troops standing just on the other side of the shield.

Use main battle tanks (Magriders/Vanguards/Prowlers) just like Lightnings, to take out turrets and vehicles. Their long range weapons can also be used to guard the outskirts of the plant in order to pick off any reinforcements rolling in. The gunner should always check all the side passageways, roofs, windows and doors as the vehicle drives along rather than focus solely on the road ahead. Additionally, the gunner makes an effective anti-aircraft weapon, keeping watch over the skies. Remember to repair those phalanx turrets once your empire has taken over the facility.

As you establish your siege over the facility, line up a few MBTs and Lightnings within striking distance to the shield barriers of the main Tech Plant. A shot at the shield will not go through, but rather explode on contact; any troops near the explosion will take damage on -both- sides of the shield. Don't forget that you can also shoot right above the shields onto the unprotected second-floor platform where Infiltrators like to nest.

Air Vehicle[]

Galaxy transports can be used to drop in on the initial assault, but because the Tech Plant is very open to ground vehicle traffic, the Sunderer would be a better choice for bringing more players to the target. However, if the attacking empire has a large number of troops, a joint air and ground operation is always more effective. Load up on Light Assault and have them drop in using their jetpacks to slow them down as they descend on the facility.

Tech Plant Main Facility Aviation Deck

Galaxy transports can also be parked on the tops of the main tech planet facility allowing infantry to easily storm the building, without having to bring the shields down. Although particularly difficult, you can park a Galaxy just below the resupply platform area, in the Sub Aviation Deck area (see pic) to protect it from attacks and allow disembarking troops access to lev-elevators back up to the main platforms and aviation deck where teleporters can take them into the main Tech Plant.

Main Tech Plant facility, Sub Aviation Deck

Recruit a few Empire Specific Fighter(ESF) pilots (Scythe/Reaver/Mosquito) if the base defenders have Liberators providing close air support. For air battle heavy situations, fighters can gain an empire air supremacy and allow freedom of movement throughout the base.

Liberators should provide close air support (CAS) for the ground team. Use the Liberators to quickly take out the turrets and suppress spawn points. They can also patrol the area around the plant along with main battle tanks (MBTs), such as the Vanu Sovereignty's Magriders, to stop reinforcement vehicles approaching. Have them hover and perform reconnaissance over the main Tech Plant, calling out enemy movement. Having a full crew complement maximizes the Liberator as a gunship and can deliver tons of damage if uncontested in the air.

Drop pods are available to spawn into a base when using Instant Action from the map. Watch the landing area closely while descending and try to steer the pod onto a key location... or an enemy vehicle and destroy it!

Advanced Defensive Strategy[]


Use Light Assault's maneuverability to quickly recapture undefended security terminals. When retaking a facility, try and choose alternative routes, such as platforms, balconies, and roofs in order to seize the element of surprise. Use Light Assault as roaming scouts along the side streets of the Tech Plant to notify reinforcements about groups of attackers moving toward the next target. Hopping from rooftop to rooftop is another safe alternative when defending a Tech Plant if a large attacking force has occupied a good portion of the base.

Platform overlooking main security terminal

Post your Infiltrators on overwatch covering security terminals and entrances to high-value assets such as shield generators, SCUs, and other terminals. Send your Infiltrators up higher up on the main Tech Plant to pick off enemy movement through the base. They are also effective at locating Sunderer spawn points and taking out enemy players as they appear. One key piece of advice for the Infiltrator is: keep moving. Once the enemy vectors in on your location, you're not very effective at close range. Use your stealth ability to move in the shadows and change up your point of view.

Heavy Assault should be used alongside MAXs to recapture defended security terminals. Employ their shield special ability just before entering the hostile room. When defending a security terminal, crouch down in a corner out of sight of doors and windows with the terminal still visible to surprise and dispatch attacking players when they approach. Switch to an anti-vehicle weapon to lock on and destroy an invading force, especially if they come in with air power. Having Medics and Engineers accompany these two will ensure their survivability through constant heals and repairs.

There's a lot of open space within a Tech Plant, so urban assault tactics are not as critical. They do come in handy during the protection of the main security terminal as well as the defense of the Shield Control Generator and the SCUs. Have your Engineers setup anti-personnel mines and man turrets that have exclusive fields of view. Cutting up fields of view, or pie wedge allows for maximum observation and attack coverage. Pie wedging can also be used by infantry when cover around corners or doors with one person kneeling in front and the other standing behind. Start by creeping out just enough to see around and through the corner. The person behind covers the next "pie wedge" in opening up a larger field of view for you both and mutual support covering each other. With a medic sitting in cover just behind the two healing them as they take damage and covering the rear field of view, this trio provides a very strong defensive stance from within a building or barricade.

Ground Vehicle[]

Take the fight to the attacking empire! Get troops to a recently hacked security terminal fast with Flash ATVs and Sunderers, especially when it is a far outpost Tech Plant facility like the Tower and Garrison. Flash ATVs are valuable transport vehicles for defending troops to react and move easily throughout the entire base. Several facility entrances are also wide enough to drive right into and even drive up the stairs. Charge hotspots and enemy Galaxy landing sites with tanks to secure the area quickly.

Load up Sunderer transports to shuttle a large force from the main base to one of the outposts. The transport has enough armor to withstand small arms infantry fire and can be charged right into open bay hangars to secure the floor. Park the Sunderer in front of spawn point entrances that are under siege to provide temporary cover from a direct assault for redeployed defending troops. Also, use the Sunderer as a secondary spawn point to not only expedite your forces to hot spots on the base but to also provide a take-over spawn point in case the base falls to the opposing empire and you lose your spawn points. You will probably want several of these scattered throughout your base in order to expedite reaction time to assaults from multiple fronts.

Post tanks at key intersections to block line of site in order to protect other defending players. Because the Tech Plant has large open streets to roam, use vehicles as patrols to intercept attacking forces. Remember that it is often more effective to run attackers over with the vehicle than try to gun them down with the vehicle's main weapon. Just be careful and watch out for other defending players!

Park several tanks and a couple Sunderers within the shield walls of the vehicle bay. You can pop in and out of the walls taking calculated shots or causing distractions in order to focus attention away from other parts of the base. The Sunderer can then be used as an alternate spawn point and equipment terminal from within the main Tech Plant, which does not have one itself.

On defense, unless you are parked inside the shielded bay, do not keep your tanks parked. Be on the move constantly to avoid the attacking force from hitting you on your flanks or rear. Magriders are especially very mobile tanks and should be used to your advantage to quickly pop around corners and barricades. Strafe side-to-side taking cover as you reload behind a building. Don't forget your cannon is not limited to taking out other vehicles or turrets. If you don't have a gunner and have some time with little threat, use F2 to switch to top gunner and take out infantry. But in a pinch, find those large groups of infantry clustered behind some cover and let them have a taste of the cannon. Area-of-effect blast will cause some damage and if they don't have medics and they didn't run, a second shot will surely finish them off.

If the tower facility is captured and needs to be retaken, line up tanks around the perimeter and take out the artillery turrets immediately. Once those are neutralized, focus fire into the hangar bay and the open area balconies on the second floor.

As your defense progresses and you push the enemy back to distant spawn points, consider rolling a few of your vehicles out to take advantage of your momentum and push towards the enemy's spawn point. Surround the building entrances with tanks and take a couple Sunderers along to keep your troop strength up. As you hold them at their spawn point, capture the security terminal to ensure the victory and provide a buffer territory away from the Tech Plant.

Air Vehicle[]

If there are excess troops and a forewarning that an attack is imminent, assigning a few Empire Specific Fighters (Scythe/Reaver/Mosquito) will be highly effective against incoming Galaxies and Liberators. As Tech Plants are an open area base, Liberators patrolling the skies for incoming forces are very useful. Best used as point defense hovering over a facility, a well-placed Liberator can cover multiple avenues of approach. Make sure the Liberator also has a full crew complement otherwise it only acts as a slow air superiority fighter and unable to implement its air to ground capabilities.

The Tech Plant also has two sets of anti-aircraft artillery (AAA) that are highly effective against all aircraft. There is a set of two in the tower facility annex and a set at the top of the main Tech Plant facility. Use these to thin out attacking air support. A couple defenders, to include an Engineer in case of repairs, should head for the AAA at the top of the main Tech Plan facility if any air vehicles are overhead. It is especially lucrative to be in an AAA turret as an enemy Galaxy is attempting to land on the main Tech Plant.

When able, defenders should use drop pods to spawn into base buildings. Remember to watch for opportunities in the landing area and try and steer your pod onto a key location or strategic position... like onto an enemy vehicle that can be destroyed!

See Advanced Coordinated Operations for more tips and strategies.