Bio Lab Teleporters

Teleporter Pads are devices found in numerous facilities and bases across Auraxis.

Available primarily to the faction that holds the facility, Teleporters allow infantry to instantaneously travel between two predetermined locations.

All teleporters found in-game are two-way, able to be used in both directions, with one end normally contained in a faction-shielded room.

Bio Lab Teleporters Edit

Bio Labs, a major facility found on all continents, house a unique teleporter set-up.

Each bio lab is surrounded by "satellite" bases; three facilities that share the parent bio lab's main name and contain an exposed teleporter available to the faction that hold the satellite. This teleporter leads directly into the bio lab, to a teleporter pad within a shielded room.

Uniquely, this shielded room belongs to the faction that holds the satellite, rather than the one that owns the bio lab, and are the only teleporters in-game that transport players between two seperate facilities.

Thanks to the unique design of the facility, Ikanam is an exception to this typical bio lab feature, with no teleporters connecting to the satellite bases.