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Nanite Systems is finally ready to unveil its line of remote-infantry combat units, called Nanite Systems Operatives, which will be available for use by each faction on a contractual basis.

Each time an Operative enters a new zone or continent, they will be put on assignment for the empire that has the least number of soldiers on the field. This will help ensure that populations will be more balanced in battle.

For more information on the upcoming Nanite Systems Operatives program, you can watch the announcement from our livestream here:

Nanite Systems Operatives First Look and Reveal

Nanite Systems Operatives First Look and Reveal

Before Nanite Systems is ready to launch this new program, these bots are going to need some heavy testing - and that's where Auraxians will come in! Nanite Systems Operatives are now available on the Public Test Server, with scheduled playtests (and rewards for participating!) to follow. Keep an eye out for more official announcements on Twitter, Facebook, and here on the PS2 website.

In the meantime, if you want to take a closer look at these new hi-tech units, you can see them in detail in Doku's portfolio here.

We're looking forward to starting and strengthening this new connection with Nanite Systems!

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