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The VR Training Facility is a VR training area, where players can go to practice in a solely faction-specific territory with the ability to use all weapons and equipment for free. As on Koltyr VR, players cannot earn Certification Points while in the training facility.

The VR Training Facility is a unique area, containing no territories or capture points and being available solely to a single faction. Three instances of the facility exist, one for the New Conglomerate, one for the Terran Republic, and one for the Vanu Sovereignty.

To reach the VR Training Facility, simply access any Warp Gate terminal and click "Warp" under VR Training Facility.

Vr minimap

Minimap display of the VR Training Area

Mechanics Edit

The VR Training Facility functions significantly differently from standard continents, such as Indar. The following rules apply.

  • ALL experience gain is disabled whilst in the training facility.
  • VR Loadouts are enabled, allowing players to use any and all equipment (except unowned Directive weapons) and implants at max rank, free of charge.
  • All cosmetics can be previewed equipped, free of charges
  • Vehicles and consumables do not require nanites to spawn or resupply.
  • Friendly fire against players is disabled.
  • Friendly fire does not penalise the player in any way.

Training Areas Edit

Designed for the purpose of training and weapons practice, this facility has a number of areas set up to allow players to test all their weaponry in a safe and calm environment, before pitting them against the rigors of war back on Auraxis.

Virtual Range Edit

The main building houses a virtual firing range that constantly spawns NPC infantry, of all factions, at 10 meter intervals. Though the player's own faction can spawn here, no penalties will be incurred for firing upon them. Infantry Terminals are spread through this range, to allow quick resupply and loadout changes.

Vr virtual range

Firing Range Edit

Beneath the main building is a long corridor with fixed target dummies at the end. These are not NPCs, and are instead designed to allow players to see their weapon's accuracy through the bullet marks they leave behind. Two infantry terminals near the stairs allow easy loadout adjustments.

Vr range

Static Targets Edit

The area around the building is filled with a large number of static targets, including both aircraft and ground vehicles, of all factions. There are no terminals out in the field, though there are plenty on the balcony of the main building that overlooks it.

Vr static targets
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